Design is Planning

Whenever you set out to renovate or even redecorate a space, a great deal of planning is involved. I would argue there’s even more required for kitchen and bathroom renovations. Those spaces include plumbing, more fixtures, and high ticket items…like appliances and tubs. It’s no easy task for sure. Some may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of decisions, but personally, I’m up for the challenge.

What am I planning you ask? A complete kitchen overhaul! I’ve wanted to gut the kitchen since we moved in nearly seven years ago. It just wasn’t feasible in the beginning, because we bought a fixer upper that needed work (pretty much in every space). Many of our projects are nearing the finish line…thank goodness. So it’s finally time to start planning this kitchen.

I’m going to be sharing as many details as possible throughout the process. I anticipate this project taking between 12-18 months, from planning to completion. The planning process includes layout options, overall design, selecting cabinetry & accessories, and more. My hope is to have everything picked out by November. At that time, I hope to start ‘interviewing’ contractors and tradesmen. Demo will start in early 2020 if all goes to plan and as long as our finances don’t change drastically. You just never know what tomorrow bring.

I thought I would first share some of my favorite kitchens. You’ll notice floating shelves, coastal touches, shiplap, and white/grey countertops. I’m pretty consistent on those items…cabinet color is an entirely different story.

Check back next week for a look at the existing layout and proposed changes. If you’ve renovated a kitchen recently, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or find me on Instagram.

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