Kitchen Layout

Ryan and I have been going back and forth on the layout of our kitchen for years. If money wasn’t a concern, we’d actually just add an addition to the back of the house. The addition would include a large brand new kitchen; however, the cost of something like that could easily reach $75,000 or more. Since this isn’t our forever home, it doesn’t make sense to spend that kind of money. We may still switch our minds, but I’m pretty sure we’ll just use the current space.

So what does the current space look like? Here’s the basic layout. For the sake of simplicity, I didn’t include the cabinetry.

Besides this space being super small (roughly 90 square feet I think)…what else is wrong? The layout for sure is terrible. We can’t open the fridge entirely due to the wall next to it. The pantry is also super tiny. It’s not much bigger than the door. For a look at our pantry, click here. I also don’t like how the sink and dishwasher are placed. You have to turn around from the sink to put dishes inside it. Who’s idea was that? The sink is not near the window either. When we bought the house, I replaced the upper cabinets above the sink with floating shelves. That helped, but it’s not ideal.

I created the images below to give you an idea of what it looks like. This isn’t entirely accurate since the uppers pictured are smaller and the shelves are missing. I think it paints the picture and gives you idea of what we’re dealing with.

Just looking at these images annoys me! I really hate how cramped this space feels. So…how will I fix that? First, we’ll knock out the wall that is currently separating the kitchen and dining room. Next, we’ll eliminate the pantry. The new proposed layout is below.

By eliminating the wall, we can make the space feel larger. The current pantry will be replaced with pantry style cabinetry. These changes should make it feel bigger even though it’s only larger by maybe a foot. Unfortunately, the kitchen is next to the master bath. That’s why I can’t make it a perfect u-shaped space. I don’t want to take any space away from the bathroom. Another change includes moving the sink to the corner, which would place it next to the dishwasher and provide a view. It’s not perfect, but it’s better.

I didn’t bother with uppers in the image above, because I haven’t decided on all of that. I am thinking about taking the cabinetry to the ceiling. I’ll also keep the floating shelves we have now. I personally love floating shelves. All of the appliances will remain in the same spot to reduce costs. I’ve played with the layout, and I don’t think moving any of the appliances will make a big enough difference to justify spending more money.

What do you think? I’d greatly appreciate any feedback. We’re early in the process, so nothing is final. I only want to fix this once!

Before I go, I wanted to provide an update on the living room. The ‘entry’ is complete, and I love it. The hooks from Room & Board were the perfect addition. That was only one part of the living room. If you’ve been following along, we have an awkward corner we’ve been dealing with too. We decided to order custom floating shelves instead of cabinetry. The shelves finally came and were completely the wrong color! I was devastated. Who am I kidding? I’m still devastated. Hopefully I’ll have an update next week regarding what we decide to do. We for sure can’t keep the shelves.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Layout

  1. I like the new design especially the sink in the corner where you can see out the window. I wish I could open up my kitchen but my real dream is to switch the dining room and kitchen. My moms house had almost the same floor plan as ours and the dining and kitchen were switched. I’d close the wall by the stairs or at least make the door way smaller so I could have more cabinet space. I had cabinets that went to the ceiling in FL and loved them. I think that is a good choice for your kitchen. You’d be surprised how much difference having that extra shelf makes.


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