Plan for Tier 2 of Our Deck

I hope you are doing well and staying safe wherever you are. If you’ve been following along, you know that we were waiting on a couple of items to complete the first tier of our deck. Everything has arrived, and I can’t wait to share more pictures and details. We actually picked up the fountain yesterday, and I absolutely love it. Anyway, this post is all about the lower tier or second tier.

Our deck was built last May through Lowe’s. I think we bought the furniture for the top tier in August or September. Ryan and I thought it would be best to put off any purchases for the second tier until we determined how we would best utilize that space. The original thought was to add a space for dining, and we’ve decided that is the route we’re going to go.

Patio furniture is expensive! I’ve spent the last month researching options and materials. As much as I love the teak on the top tier, it does require annual care. Neither of us really wants to add a bunch more maintenance, so a teak table and chair set is out. All-weather wicker is great, but I don’t want two different types of wicker on the deck. There is a dining set that matches our sofas and chairs; however, the table doesn’t have a hole for an umbrella. Since our deck isn’t covered, we’re going to need an umbrella. After eliminating those options, I didn’t feel like I was left with too many options. I persevered and finally found dining furniture that checks all of our boxes.

The patio store closest to us carries the brand CabanaCoast, among others. I really like that this brand offers a variety of customization options, including mix and match table tops and bases. You’ve probably noticed the table top I chose is teak. Since the table isn’t very large, I’m fine with maintaining it. It will also coordinate well with the top tier. The chairs are some sort of sling material, which will be easy to maintain and comfortable. It should also stay cooler in the sun, a must on my list. The next thing to decide was accessories.

I’ve already found the perfect accessories including an awesome looking citronella coil with holder. Fun and cool, right? Solid blue pillows will complement the pillows on the top tier. The one item you don’t see above is the umbrella. I’ve already picked out the umbrella, but I waiting on color swatches to arrive so that I can determine the right color. I’ll either go with blue or gray. Stay tuned regarding that purchase.

So that’s a look at what is to come. I really hope we can have the entire deck furnished by the fall. That’s the plan anyway. I think it’s going to look great. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Have a great weekend.


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