Our Vow Renewal Ten Years After I Do

Ryan and I decided, shortly after we got married, that we would celebrate our marriage frequently. Honestly, we celebrate just about anything. We knew that we wanted to renew our vows at the ten year mark for sure. I was a young bride, so I didn’t really get too involved in our wedding. I had finals to worry about! This weekend marks exactly ten years for the two of us. For the last eighteen months or so we’ve been planning this very moment.

We knew we wanted an intimate vow renewal that highlighted our unique personalities individually and as a couple. The location was by the far the most challenging decision. The location needed to mean something to us and also be affordable for our guests. We had hoped we could swing Hawaii, but it just wasn’t feasible this time (maybe at 25 years). I finally realized that Orlando was the perfect spot, and Ryan did not need convincing. Our relationship started at a theme park, and we’ve visited Universal Studios countless times. So Orlando it was! Lucky for us, there is a Polynesian inspired hotel at Universal Studios. We could have the Hawaii feel we desired too. Win win!

For those of you thinking about planning a vow renewal, it’s very much like planning a wedding again. It’s easier, but you have a lot of the same things to take care of. Several things were sorted out with the hotel including the menu and ceremony/reception location. They provided a list of vendors for additional services. We elected to hire our own photographer and florist, but we did choose from their list of officiants. You can really make this as elaborate as you want. We had a budget in mind so we decided to forgo a DJ, and we’re bringing additional decor from home. I recommend having a clear vision before meeting with an event coordinator. Be honest about your budget too.

Our event will include the actual vow renewal and a two hour reception followed by mini golf. We decided not to go the traditional plated dinner route. We chose a variety of hors d’oeuvres and a stir fry station. We’ll also have a cake and an additional dessert. There’s a lot of flexibility with the menu. Do note that many venues have a minimum food and beverage requirement. That was the case for us, but the open bar was nearly half of that requirement. The food and beverage piece of our event was the most expensive followed by the venue. After that it was probably apparel, because I opted for a wedding dress.

Image result for universal studios orlando

We’re really excited to be celebrating our marriage, and I can’t think of a better way to do it. It’s going to be a really fun party, and I can’t wait to share photos with you all. This will be the last time you hear from me for a couple of weeks, but I’ll be back with the living room reveal. I totally keep teasing you all with the living room, but I promise I will share it soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you to my amazing husband for ten beautiful years. I love you!

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