15 Lessons Learned & 15 Things About Me – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed my previous post (Part 1). If you missed it, click here to see the complete list of lessons learned and things about me.

Lessons Learned

Forgiveness is sometimes a daily act.

I personally find forgiveness to be very challenging. Not everyone or every hurtful action can be forgiven once. There are some instances where forgiveness has to be practiced daily. Forgiveness, like grief, can be a process. It might just take time and distance.

You’ll always carry a loss, but the pain doesn’t last forever.

I’ve experienced so many different levels of loss in thirty years, and each one was incredibly painful. When you lose someone or something near and dear to you, I think a piece of you goes with. You carry that loss with you, but the pain eventually fades. Life and time just move forward. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the people, furry babies, and experiences I’ve lost. I choose to honor them in my choices, and I hold onto the memories I have.

Be yourself earlier than later.

When older folks are asked about the best part of aging, it seems like aging sets them free to simply be. They stop caring about what others think. They speak their mind and do what they want to. The sooner you’re comfortable in your own skin, the happier you’ll be. I’m comfortable with the version of me I am right now. Not everybody is going to like me, and I’m okay with that. I like me. That’s just enough.

Deal with your past so it doesn’t screw up your future.

We’ve all got something. Figure out a way to deal with that something and seek help if needed. I carried around trauma from my childhood for way too long. I sought out the help of a professional after losing my brother to suicide, and I got the treatment I needed. I’ve seen such a difference in my thought process and confidence. Don’t wait two decades like I did.

Celebrate more.

You’re only given one life, enjoy it. Make sure to celebrate anything and everything. Ryan and I celebrate even the smallest accomplishments or successes. We call it ‘celebrating you’.

Count your blessings.

We all have something to be thankful for. A thankful mind tends to be a happier one. Take time to remind yourself of the blessings in your life. Also remind the people in your life that they are blessings.

Things About Me

Photos are very important to me.

I take a ton of photos, and I have professional family photos done nearly every year. It’s so important to capture memories, because we may not always remember those moments. Not only that, there’s a darker reason why photos mean so much to me. My mother dated a man that threatened to destroy our photos when I was young. It was my job to protect them, and I hid them under the sofa. I took many of those photos with me when I left home. Those photos will also be important to me.

I want to like Eggnog.

This one is pretty weird. I’m fascinated by eggnog, and I find incredibly disgusting. That being said, I really want to like it. I don’t know why…I just do. I’m constantly trying eggnog flavored things, and I don’t like any of it.

I loathe piles of paper and stickers.

My version of hell would include endless stacks of paper and stickers that won’t come off. If you want to see me agitated, that’s the fastest way. I usually give anything with a sticker to Ryan to deal with. If I see a stack of paper, I’ll throw it away. I recently renewed my license, and they gave me a piece of paper. Really?! I didn’t have it one week before it was in the trash. Paper is clutter to me.

I love chocolate!

I think I have some form of chocolate daily. I’m constantly craving it, and I never tire of it. The more chocolate the better. I laugh when people complain about too much chocolate. Are you kidding me? There is never enough chocolate. I literally eat hot fudge with a spoon. I received chocolate today from my Nana, and it made my day. My Papa would always buy me chocolate when he did his grocery shopping. Not just one bar of chocolate but like an entire aisle worth…at least it seemed that way.

Before meeting Ryan, I ate nothing.

I was a really picky eater. If it wasn’t a carbohydrate, chicken, strawberries, or dessert…I didn’t eat it. Ryan changed all of that. He introduced me to so many different foods and flavors. There are still some things I won’t eat: sausage, bananas, broccoli, and seafood.

Buy it and wait.

First off, I take my time purchasing pretty much anything (excluding food). I want the very best deal, and I’ll spend months deciding whether to buy something. I just want to make sure it’s really something I want or need. When I buy an item, I think about the amount of time it takes to earn each dollar. So when I do buy a new shirt or decor piece, it goes into like hibernation or something. I don’t know. Let me provide an example. I bought two new shirts earlier this month, and they have been in my closet (untouched) for a couple of weeks. I’ll enjoy the “new” from afar and then wear the shirts when I’m ready. Totally ridiculous.

Marketing wasn’t the plan.

If you know me personally, you know that I have two business degrees. Getting a marketing degree wasn’t the plan. Marketing just sort of happen. It was honestly just a suggestion from my husband, and it worked out. I originally wanted to be a lawyer, but a person in my life told me I wouldn’t be a good one. I then wanted to be a teacher until I realized I couldn’t stand parents. I taught preschoolers my senior year of high school and part of my freshmen year of college. That was enough. I do really enjoy teaching, and I have found plenty of teaching opportunities in my career thus far.

If it’s funny, I’ll cry.

If I truly think something is funny, I’ll laugh until I cry. If I don’t cry, it’s medium funny I guess or not funny at all. I also have a very dry and dark sense of humor. If I cry and my faces hurts from laughing, you’re a stellar comedian.

I’ve moved around.

I’ve lived in four states and moved over twelve times now. I can’t even tell you how many schools I attended growing up. I most certainly hated losing friends when we moved, but I always found excitement in change. Change doesn’t really bother me.

So that’s thirty for thirty! I can’t wait to share my birthday trip with you all in the coming weeks. How are you planning to celebrate your birthday this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Thank you for reading and celebrating with me.

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