Have you ever wished your pantry could be more organized? After many years of success with our previous system, it was time to update our pantry. I wanted something that I could modify if our needs changed again. I love Elfa from Container Store, and it was the obvious choice for this project too.

Our pantry is tiny, because our kitchen is pretty small. Due to budget constraints, the pantry wasn’t really a priority before. Upon moving into our home, I painted the pantry and added additional wire shelving. At the time, the best way to organize it was by meal. I had a clear container for each day of the week and another for baking. We had a couple of drawers for snacks too.  As long as it functioned, we were good. I started thinking about the pantry more and more with each closet makeover in our home. I wanted the pantry to be functional and pretty.

I’m honestly not sure if we can store more in our ‘new’ pantry, but we can store things differently. I think it works better for our lifestyle, and I can better see everything. I’m a visual person, so I want to see it all without sifting through crap. Grocery list writing should be much simpler now.

I should have taken some ‘Before’ photos, but I thought about it too late. Due to size, it’s hard to photograph this space anyway. I took as many pics as I could for you to see. We still have to paint a couple of spots, and we need to add a shelf towards the top that is less deep. That’s the shelf I’ll use for my seasonal stuff. It will be nice once all of that stuff is in one place. I’ve also got to purchase a few more containers, because I didn’t quite know how many to buy.

We also reconfigured our door organizer that we had purchased a few years ago.

I’ve been wanting Oxo containers forever, and I finally splurged. I like that they are stackable, clear, and easy to open. What do you think?


I’m really pleased with the way the pantry turned out. I hope it inspires you to revamp your pantry or some other storage space in your home.

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