Weekly Favorite Finds

Pets have made the news these last few weeks due to the hurricanes and irresponsible owners. My cats are my family. You better believe I’d risk my own life for those bundles of fur. I could rant for hours on the responsibility of owning a pet and how some people shouldn’t own them. Instead of ranting, I thought would share some products that make being a pet parent easier.

We recently purchased the Neater Feeder from Amazon, and I will be purchasing more. This product is awesome for both cats and dogs. My cats are messy eaters, and the mess is irritating at times. This feeder actually keeps the mess contained. No more water on the floor! All eleven of my cats approve of this product. If you own multiple cats, you know that it is difficult to get all of them to agree on something. I really can’t praise this product enough, because it has made a huge difference in our home.

We have owned a variety of litter boxes over the years. We purchased the giant pan from Petco, and I’ve been very pleased. It’s a great pan for a multiple cat household. Although you can see the litter, this box is larger and deeper than your typical box. I know odor is always a concern, but with the right litter, you won’t have a problem. It also has a place for your scoop, which is a nice feature. This product more durable in comparison to some of the boxes we’ve seen or purchased previously.

Oh how I love our Nest Cams. We purchased these for security purposes and monitoring the cats. You can actually speak through the camera and app. No complaints regarding the app. When we are on vacation, I can check on the cats and say hello to them. It’s funny to watch their faces when they hear Ryan or myself talking. These cameras are very easy to get going. Ryan really likes the visibility at night with these too. The camera that came with our security system isn’t very good at night. As of right now, we only have the indoor cameras. We will have outdoor cameras by Christmas is what I was told. Ryan will write an entire post dedicated to security in the future.

All of these products can be purchased online or at select retailers. You can find the litter box and feeder at Petco, Amazon, and more.  I believe we purchased our cameras from Best Buy. I hope you find our review of these products helpful. I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our babies.



Weekly Favorite Finds

I am ready for fall, especially with the cooler temperatures in Georgia this week. I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite fall items.

Ryan and I love garden flags. We actually have an entire Peanuts collection of flags that we rotate throughout the year. I recently purchased this new flag, because I thought it was adorable. It’s bright and perfect for welcoming fall. We purchase a majority of our flags from Seasons Flags. Not only are the flags reasonably price, but this retailer offers free shipping. If you are looking for a way to add some color to your garden, I highly recommend adding a flag or two.

Nothing says fall like a pumpkin. Michaels has a great selection of craft pumpkins for decorating around the house, creating centerpieces, and more. I have over a dozen of these pumpkins around our house. Cream, black, orange, and even blue are just a few colors options. They also come in a variety of sizes. These pumpkins are super easy to work with if you decide to carve a message or design on the front. You can also stop by your local store, and they offer such services. Lastly, these are super affordable, and you can probably find a coupon on the Michaels app.

I just purchased the Ronan throw from Pottery Barn over the weekend. These are very soft and affordable. I compared the price to one similar at Home Goods, and it was only a $5 difference. The one at Home Goods was also scratchy, which I didn’t like. The throw is also reversible. I bought the gray one to match our living room and existing fall pillows. It was exactly what I was looking for.

You can find all of these great products online at Pottery Barn, Seasonsflags.com, and Michaels. Happy shopping!