Paint is by far the easiest way, besides cleaning, to spruce up your home. Ryan and I have painted nearly every inch of our home. The previous owners had very unique tastes. Even before we purchased it, I had more experience painting than the average person. As a teenager, I painted my room almost annually. I don’t change my mind quite that often anymore.  I try to select a color that I will love for years. I thought I’d offer eight suggestions for your next paint job.

  • I used to think purchasing samples and painting them on the wall was a waste. I was completely wrong. If you want to be certain you have the right color, then you need to try it out first. I usually narrow it down to three possibilities, and I paint each color on a wall or remnant piece of drywall. Pay attention to lighting, focal points, and the overall vibe of the space. It’s best to compare the color to other samples as well. Samples may include flooring, fabric, rugs, etc. (Side Note: If you paint a remnant piece of drywall, you can take it with you when making decisions about furniture, fabric, tile, and more.)

Cat Room 3

  • Use a quality paint and select the right sheen. We love Benjamin Moore paints, because the brand is durable. Messes happen, and I don’t want to accidentally wash the paint of the walls. Another reason I use Benjamin Moore is because the color matches from gallon to gallon. I’ve purchased many brands, and I’ve been disappointed when I needed to repaint one wall or touch up a nail hole. Eggshell is my absolute favorite, because it cleans well and doesn’t show every imperfection.
  • Label your paint cans and purchase a ‘Pour & Store’ lid by Shur-line. This lid makes all the difference when you have to start and stop. I also suggest labeling, because you might just forget or misplace the information. Just write it on the container with a sharpie.
  • If painting trim, I recommend painting it before it’s attached to the wall. That base coat will make your life much easier after you fill in the nail holes.
  • Use quality brushes when it matters. Home Depot sells a short handled brush for five dollars and some change. It’s my absolute favorite brush. I also use it for painting furniture.
  • I don’t use tape. I find that knowing how to properly ‘cut in’ saves time, energy, and money. You can also keep a wet cloth handy.
  • If you are painting over a dark wall with a lighter color, be sure to prime. I know it’s annoying, but it will look better if you do.


  • I recommend buying a pole to attach to your roller for those higher spots. Rolling always looks better than brushing in my opinion. I always use a foam roller to even any brush marks.

I hope you find those suggestions helpful, and be sure to check out my ‘Weekly Favorites’ for paint color ideas. We’ve got lots of exciting things going on at our house, and I’ll be sharing some updates very soon.


Weekly Favorite Finds

I thought I would share a few of my favorite paint colors with you all. I swear by Benjamin Moore paint, so all of the colors are from particular brand.

If you are looking for a creamy white, White Chocolate is perfect. It almost has a tint of yellow to it depending on your space. It’s a very warm color and looks fantastic with wood pieces. We used this paint color in our bathroom, and it makes the space appear much larger. The name is perfect, because I think it looks exactly like a piece of white chocolate.

Silver Mink is gorgeous! I was worried this color was too dark when I purchased the sample, but I was wrong. If you have a space full of natural light, this color is perfect. Even without natural light, this color would be ideal for a dramatic space. I really like the contrast between the wood, trim, and color (see below). Depending on the time of day, it looks more blue than gray. It’s really pretty.

Cat Room Update

I fell in love with Prescott Green as soon as I saw the swatch. It was perfect for our laundry room. The green reminds me of sea foam and looks stunning with white. It really brightens a space. Prescott Green is part of the Historic Collection, and I don’t think you can go wrong with a color from that collection. It really is timeless.

We are in the process of tearing down our porch and rebuilding it, check back for updates!