Elfa Keeps It Organized

As a child, I frequently rearranged the kitchen cabinets and linen closets in our homes. I always told my mother that I would have cabinets that were organized, labeled, and always kept clean. She told me to wait until I was an adult and then report back.

I can happily report to you that most of our home is very organized. Lack of organization simply stresses me out. For that reason, I love The Container Store. One of my favorite collections is Elfa. I have incorporated Elfa into nearly every room in our home. It’s affordable, pretty to look at, and there are so many organizational options. I’ve included some photos below.

Wrapping Storage in Guest Room

I love wrapping paper…like really love it! I probably have over a hundred rolls, and I love having some of that within reach. I can store tape, scissors, ribbon, and more on this one system. Easy and quick wrapping makes life simpler.

Accessory Storage


This over the door option is perfect for hats, scarves, and bags. It keeps everything in sight and organized. I can also rearrange it to accommodate future items.

Craft Room Storage


One of my favorite Elfa systems is in my craft room. Not only does it allow for organized fabric, but I can also display some of my favorite things. I love that I can see and get to everything easily. No more losing tools or leaving items on the counter.


We wanted to display some of Ryan’s collection in his den, so we thought this would be the perfect solution. It was affordable, and I can adjust it whenever I need to. These Elfa solutions are very easy to put together, and they are constantly introducing new items.

If you look at my post regarding our master closet renovation, you’ll see Elfa in there too. It has made all of the difference in that once small and cramped closet. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to clean and live life when everything is organized. Do you have a favorite item or collection at The Container Store? Do you like it organized or messy? Share your thoughts below.