DIY Shelf

A family collection expands with an added shelf. We built and painted a shelf for an existing piece. I’ll provide details on the shelf and explain how my collection started. Take a look.

Coffee Table Reveal

I decided months ago that we needed to build a table for our living room instead of purchasing one. I couldn’t find a small enough table for our cozy space. I also wanted a piece that would compliment our existing furniture pieces. Spending a fortune on the table wasn’t an option either, because I know my cats will be all over it, and I’m too cheap. I found a great tutorial through Pinterest, don’t you just love that platform? Here is the link to the tutorial:

We made several modifications, because our needs were different. Let’s get started.


  • 3 8ft 1×4 Pine Board
  • 4 8ft 2×2 Pine Board
  • Pin Nailer
  • Dowel Jig Kit
  • Miter Saw
  • Power Sander
  • Clamps
  • Minwax Honey Wood Finish Stain
  • Polyurethane (Wipe-On)
  • Annie Sloan Dark Wax
  • Wood Glue
  • Paste Finishing Wax

First, you’ll need to decide what size table will fit in your space and that will determine the amount of lumber needed. Our table is quite small at 30 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 16.75 inches tall.


After purchasing the lumber, we used our miter saw to cut everything down to size. I’m not going to go into details here, because the tutorial I included above did that for me.


Ryan decided to create dowel joints for our table instead of using screws. You can purchase a kit to create these. Glue the exposed dowels and joint surfaces, tap the parts together, and then clamp for at least an hour. Ryan built the frame and top separately. By doing so, I was able to stain each piece before we attached the top to the frame.

Before I stained the frame and bottom, I sanded each piece with our power sander. I then wiped everything down with a clean cloth. I should have used mineral spirits, but I didn’t feel like digging around the shed for it. I find it easiest to stain with a clean cloth. I dip the cloth into the stain and start rubbing the stain into the wood surface. You can also use a paint brush and wipe off the excess if you want to. I recommend lightly sanding the wood with a fine grit sanding block between each coat. We decided to attach the top and frame after the stain dried. We spread a thin layer of glue on the frame, put a few pin nails in along the edge of the top, and clamped the top to the frame.


After two coats, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the finish. After looking online, I decided I could use Annie Sloan dark wax to darken the piece. It worked perfectly. Again, I dipped a clean cloth into the wax and evenly distributed the wax on the top and bottom. I let that harden overnight. The next day I put a coat of finishing wax on using the same method as before.


I did not think the unfinished edges looked good, so we decided to add trim to the edges. I stained and waxed the trim before we started cutting it with the miter saw. We used glue and the pin nailer to attach the trim. We then clamped the trim for several hours until the glue was nice and dry.

Finally, I added a coat of polyurethane to the top and edges. I like to use the wipe-on poly, because I don’t care to use brushes. That’s it.


This project could easily be completed in two weekends time. Dry time is the worst part of it from a time standpoint. For less than $75 we were able to create a beautiful table for our living room. It also coordinates really well with my Magnolia Home furniture. Huge thanks to my husband for putting this together for me!





Old to New

Ryan and I helped my grandparents move from Georgia to Maryland last year. They were downsizing, which meant we needed to rehome a ton of furniture, antique pieces, and collected memorabilia. Nana and Papa told us that if we liked something, we should ask for it. I had one piece in mind when they asked, but I later discovered a record player console in one of their bedrooms. It had been covered up for years, and I had never seen it. I thought it was the coolest thing, and Papa told me to take it. I decided it would look great in our living room.

console before

I originally thought I’d be able to sand and stain the piece. Upon closer inspection, I realized I would have to paint the entire console. Easier said than done, because the front is a louver design of sorts. I love the louver look though! I used a power sander on the top where I uncovered some water damage. The rest of the console got a light sanding, and I wiped the entire thing down with mineral spirits. I also removed the existing hardware and filled those holes.

console process

Many of you have probably heard of chalk paint, and I love the stuff! Annie Sloan is my favorite brand; however, I haven’t tried the newest collection of chalk paint by Joanna Gaines & KILZ. With a quality brush in hand, I painted all of the inside corners and smaller spaces. A foam roller was perfect for the top and sides. The console looked great after two coats. Tip: I do recommend lightly sanding between each coat. The front was saved for last, because it required the use of a small artist brush. Each slat had to be painted by hand, multiple times (I’m screaming on the inside). If I’m being honest with you, I’m still not completely done, and I started this project last year! I just settled after awhile, but I think I’m ready to get back to it. Once I finish the slats, I will seal the rest of the console. I used the Annie Sloan clear wax on all of the previously completed areas. I think I might switch over to poly though, because I don’t like how the wax coated the piece. I haven’t had any issues with other pieces, but sometimes things just don’t work like before.

console painted

We were excited to learn that the radio inside this piece still works. The record player will need to be replaced more than likely, but Ryan is going to try to fix it. I’d love to be able to play records in the living room, especially during the holiday season. The console looks great in our home, and it reminds me of my grandparents. Two wins! This piece has become even more special to me, because I lost my Papa. He was a wonderful man, and I cherish our memories together.

console painted 2

Now I need to decide if I want a lamp on both sides of the console or not. I really like symmetry. I’ve tried various things, but I haven’t found the ‘right’ look. I took everything off so that you could get a better visual. The middle really shouldn’t support anything heavy, so I’ll probably just keep a book or two there with a small object on top. What do you think? One or two lamps? I hope this inspires you to refinish a piece in your home or reminds you to cherish a family heirloom.


Weekly Favorite Finds

It was another busy week at our house. I’ll have photos of the den to share with you very soon. I’m just waiting on some artwork that is being framed for the space. In the meantime, here are a few more of my favorites.

I thought I’d focus on furniture this week. Furniture should be durable, comfortable, and livable. I don’t have a use for delicate furniture in our house, because life can be messy. That’s especially the case if you have pets or children.

The Cottage Retreat Collection makes me feel like I’m staying in a bungalow on the beach . It was perfect for our spare room. The collection also emulates the coastal feel we were going for in our home. Our cats climb all over this furniture, and it still looks brand new.

Ryan and I have gone through many sofas, because our cats think they are scratching posts. A few years ago, I was determined to find a solution. The Ektorp Collection features a variety of slipcovers, which is ideal for our home. Once the cats destroy a slipcover, I purchase a new one. I then use the fabric of the used slipcover to make other items in our home. The slipcovers are also very easy to clean.  Not only can I have a decent looking sofa now, but the sofa is actually really comfortable.

We purchased the farmhouse inspired table for our dining room last year. It was affordable and very pretty. It’s also the perfect size for our space and coordinates with our hardwood flooring. It comes in two different sizes and finishes.

Visit the online sites of Havertys, Ikea, and Magnolia Home Furniture to purchase these great products. Remember to check back every week for new additions!