Cat Tree

Happy Monday! Today, I’m sharing my cat themed tree. I think the meaning behind this tree is pretty obvious. Ryan and I adopted our first pet together right before we got married. He had been around cats all his life and encouraged me to look at adopting a cat. I fell in love with Isabella immediately, and the rest is history.


This tree is actually one of my oldest themed trees. I started it when we lived in Alabama. I think it captures the personality of my furry babies perfectly. Ryan’s mom had a collection of Mischievous Kitten ornaments from Hallmark, and I picked up where she left off. Yours truly made the yarn balls many years ago. The pet themed glass balls are from Hobby Lobby. I had the bow made years ago, before I started making my own. I love that I was able to find coordinating Christmas kitten ribbon.

Here are my tips for you tree decorating this season.

  • I recommend adding ribbon before the ornaments.
  • Secure your ornaments! If using hangers, pinch them tight. Double knot ribbon.
  • Coordinate gift wrap for a polished look.
  • Keep the lights on while decorating.
  • Put your trees on a timer. This way you won’t forget to turn the tree off.
  • For smaller trees, try a bucket or basket instead of a skirt.


Check back frequently for more tips and more trees. We’ve got six more to go, including my tree at work!