Weekly Favorite Finds

If you follow my blog or know me personally, you know that I love Hawaii. It is truly my happy place. The islands are where I feel centered and free from ‘busy’. We’ve been planning our next trip, and I’m beyond ready for a vacation. With that in mind, I thought I’d share three of my favorite pieces from my travels.

Let’s start with the beautiful painting of Isabella. I commissioned my dear friend Mike Carroll to bring Isabella to life for me again. This painting is hanging by our bed, where Bella typically spent her time. She used to sleep right by my head, and I miss that ball of fluff by me. This painting captures her so beautifully, and it is the first thing I see in the morning. Mike did an incredible job as always. I actually have several pieces in our home from his gallery that I’ll feature at a later date. If you get the opportunity to visit Lanai, I encourage you to visit his gallery. You can also check out his pieces by going to http://www.mikecarrollgallery.com or liking his Facebook page.

When we were in Maui last, I had hoped to find someone to carve another whale for me. I have a smaller whale, but I wanted a statement piece for our home. I couldn’t find a single person selling their carvings until the very last day. I came across a gentleman from Tonga, and he was actually carving on the lawn by the beach. He had this beautiful whale on a table, but someone had already purchased it. He offered to make me my own and ship it to our house. I was so thrilled when it arrived. This man has an amazing gift.

I’m always looking for beautiful pieces of art that capture the essence of Hawaii. When I saw this beautiful turtle, I knew I had to have it for our laundry room. This item, along with others, are made by hand. The colors and detail are beyond words. I honestly can’t remember the artist’s name, but I’m going to see if I can look it up. If I find it, I’ll let you all know. There are so many ways to see, enjoy, and purchase art on Maui. If you love art like I do, I can’t encourage you enough to visit Maui.

I hope these pieces inspire you like they inspire me. Part of creating a beautiful life is collecting beautiful pieces to enjoy.



We are juggling renovations right now and trying to lock in a contractor for the big project. So I thought I’d take a moment to talk about my favorite place in the world, Hawaii!


Why do I love Hawaii? I love the islands for their culture, lifestyle, and appreciation of beauty. I feel at one with the planet and myself when I’m in Hawaii. Life slows down and real things matter. I probably can’t explain the feeling, but I can share with you some of my favorite places and things in Maui.

  1. If you love whales like I do, you need to walk along the Kapalua Coastal Trail on Maui. It’s an easy walk and provides breathtaking views. It also happened to be a great spot for spotting whales when we went last year.

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  1. Breakfast is delicious, so I can’t choose one place. My two favorites are Koa’s in Lahaina & The Seahouse in the Napili area. Both have killer Loco Moco dishes and gorgeous views.
  2. There is a weekly craft show at The Westin Ocean Resort Villas, and it features a variety of talented local artists. I enjoy learning about the artists and admiring their work.
  3. It’s hard to choose a favorite beach. I will say my favorites tend to be along the Road to Hana & beyond.

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4. Although this one isn’t in Maui, I visit the island of Lanai when I’m in Maui. The Lanai Cat Santuary is probably my favorite place! It’s home to over 400 cats, and the volunteers/staff are amazing. I’ll stay as long as they will let me, and I hope they’ll hire me when I retire.


5. While on Lanai, I also visit Mike Carroll’s art gallery. His artwork brings Hawaii home for me, literally. I have many of his paintings throughout the house.

6. Another favorite is Hawaiian shaved ice. Passion fruit, strawberry, mango, and coconut are just a few flavors. There’s nothing like enjoying a frozen treat while sitting on the beach.


I can’t wait to share photos from our upcoming trip. Stay tuned. I’ll have lots to share soon.