Oahu Dining | Part 1

Ryan and I had the opportunity to try some new restaurants during our trip last month. These restaurants aren’t necessarily new like they’ve recently opened, just new to us. Both of us agreed that this was one of our tastiest trips yet. The food was just incredible. In this post I’m going to highlight mostly dinners. I’ll share more budget-friendly options next week.


This is an award-winning restaurant located at The Kahala Resort. It’s a bit pricier, which is why we hadn’t tried it before. The Hawaiian cuisine is delicious, and we both really enjoyed our meals. The ocean views in this restaurant are also fantastic. It’s a great romantic dinner option.

Ryan had Crispy Wok Fried Prawns with jasmine rice, and I enjoyed Filet Mignon with seasonal vegetables. I felt like the portion sizes were appropriate for the price. I don’t eat seafood, but Ryan’s dinner looked great. It was a very beautiful dish, and the rice was delicious. The rice was very fragrant. My steak was cooked well, and the sauce on top was fantastic. I enjoyed the vegetables and potato puree. Great steak dinner overall. We also enjoyed Tiramisu for dessert, which came with a lemon ice cream. I could have eaten that lemon ice cream for days. It was so fresh and sweet.

We’re going back to Hoku’s for sure. I’d love to try their brunch menu, which I think is only served on Sundays.

Arancino at The Kahala

We’ve been to Arancino before, but we decided to try some new items this trip. This is one of my favorite restaurants in the United States. Everything is so good. I crave it regularly.

We enjoyed dinner here for my birthday, which included Zuppa di Aragosta (lobster bisque), a salad that isn’t on the menu right now (Caesar salad topped with prosciutto), parmigiano-reggiano risotto, and tiramisu. The risotto is made at your table in a cheese wheel. The flavor gives me chills. It’s just an incredible dish. I’m salivating just thinking about it! Ryan’s salad was delicious, and he really enjoys their lobster bisque. We both enjoyed their tiramisu, but I prefer the one at Hoku’s.

If you want to eat a lighter meal, I highly recommend having soup and salad. They do bring out a couple of different breads before dinner. We also like to get non-alcoholic drinks, like Italian soda.

They offer a three course lunch that you can split. Ryan and I chose that option our very last day. We had the Insalata Caprese, Pizza Quattro Formaggi, & Bonet for dessert. It was plenty of food for the two of us at $43 plus tip. All of it was good. The caprese salad was very light and refreshing. The pizza was served with honey, and I think that’s the only way to eat this pizza. Oh my goodness! The flavors just melt in your mouth. I am making myself so hungry writing this post. I really enjoyed the bonet, which is just chocolate goodness.

We highly recommend this restaurant for lunch and dinner. There is another location in Honolulu that we haven’t tried.

Beachhouse – Moana Surfrider

I saw on Instagram that the Moana Surfrider offers high tea from 11:30 AM-2:30 PM daily. I had to try it for my birthday, because this girl loves a tea party! Ryan and I have enjoyed high tea in Vegas, Hawaii, California, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It’s like one of our things.

The tea selection is fantastic, and the atmosphere is great. We were seated right by the water. High tea usually includes tea, sandwiches, and a variety of treats. It does appear that the menu changes seasonally, so it will be different each time I think.

The tea was great. I don’t think you can go wrong with the tea selection. Ryan had a coconut tea that was amazing. We both would drink that again. I really enjoyed the chicken and basil sandwich. I actually don’t care for basil, but I really enjoyed this recipe. I ate both mine and Ryan’s sandwich. He enjoyed the seafood sandwiches (lobster salad and smoked salmon) the most. The desserts weren’t my favorite, especially the Black Sesame Macaron. I really didn’t like the flavor of that (it tasted like a homemade bird feeder). The scones and Lilikoi Curd were really good.

I would most certainly enjoy high tea at the Moana Surfrider again. We had a great time. Like I mentioned before, the menu changes seasonally. I’d like to try a different round of desserts. They did bring me out a complimentary glass of wine for my birthday. That was really sweet of them.

Morimoto Asia

We had never tried Morimoto Asia, but we really want to try their other locations now. We had an early dinner one night, and it was great. We shared edamame, Ryan had a sushi roll, and I ordered the house fried rice. All of it was delicious. We also ordered drinks, which included the lilikoi slush and tropical spritzer. Both of those were really good and tropical. I’m saving the best for last though.

We ordered the chocolate sphere for dessert after seeing another table order it. Wow. Both the presentation and flavor were amazing. They bring a chocolate sphere to your table and then light it on fire. It melts into a chocolate sorbet center. Yum, yum, yum! I highly recommend ordering this.

Hula Grill

We tried the Hula Grill location on Maui back in 2017. They offer a chef’s tasting menu during the hours of 4:45 and 5:45, Monday – Friday. The cost is $27.00 per person, which includes three courses. Great deal to take advantage of for dinner. We made sure to try the Waikiki location this trip for both dinner and breakfast.

My dinner was good but I wouldn’t order it again. I ordered the Farmer’s Market Noodle Bowl. I would compare it to soup. The coconut broth had a lot of flavor. Ryan had braised short rib. Oh my goodness, it was so good. I don’t really like short rib, but the meat just melted in your mouth. We both really liked the flavor of the lilikoi au jus. We both had a light salad before our entrees.

For dessert, Ryan had a pineapple upside down cake. I ordered some sort of chocolate thing, but I didn’t really like it. Ryan tried it, and he didn’t like it either. He did enjoy the cake. It looks like they just changed the dessert options, and I like the new options much better. We’ll have to go back for dinner a couple of more times. Their menu looks really good, and I’d like to try something off of it. We’ve ordered from the tasting menu each time because it saves us money.

Honestly, the best meal at Hula Grill is breakfast. There are so many great options. We enjoyed the tropical pancakes and loco moco. The pancakes were quite large. Their version of loco moco (a traditional Hawaiian dish) is made of two eggs, pork fried rice, braised short rib, kalua pork, portuguese sausage, shiitake mushroom gravy. The gravy was so good. We actually enjoyed this for breakfast twice. For those wondering, traditional loco moco is eggs, fried rice, hamburger, and brown gravy. It’s delicious.

I highly recommend all of these restaurants if you’re planning a trip to Oahu. We really enjoyed our meals. All of these restaurants had a great view of the water too. We just love having dinner by the water. I didn’t really discuss service, but the service was great at all of these locations. We didn’t really have any service issues this trip from what I recall. Well I hope you’ll check back next week for some budget-friendly options.

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