Make Teak Furniture Look New Again

Weekends are never long enough, especially when Ryan has to leave for a business trip. After he leaves, I like to find small projects I can knock out in an afternoon. Since the weather was nicer on Sunday, I decided to clean the teak side table on our deck. It was supposed to go in the shed back in December, but it never made it there. The table started looking pretty rough due to the never ending rain here in Georgia. Everything is wet pretty much 24/7 right now. The good news is that teak can be restored.

We haven’t really owned any teak outdoor furniture, so I wasn’t sure about the restoration process. I did a ton of research last year, and we bought a kit during the holidays. The kit includes cleaner, a protectant, a variety of sponges, sanding sheets, and cloths. I was both excited and nervous to give it a try. This process was pretty easy, and the results were fantastic. I’ll walk you through the process below .


Before I started, I gathered all of the supplies from the kit and an old shower curtain. I placed the table on the shower curtain and swept everything off. Next, I used the provided 150 grit sanding paper to smooth the entire surface. This took about 20 minutes for so.


I set everything up on our driveway by the hose. After I prepared the table, I rinsed it off really well. I then followed the directions on the back of the cleaning solution. You basically wipe the cleaner on with a soft cloth or sponge. Let the cleaner sit on the surface for a few minutes before scrubbing it. I used two of the sponges from the kit to clean our table.

I actually flipped the table over and cleaned underneath it first. I figured that would ensure the top stayed clean. Make sure you rinse the table off really good as noted in the instructions. The cleaner did a great job of getting all of the dirt and grime off. The water underneath the table was pretty gross. There was some mold (from so much rain), so I scrubbed those sections several times until clean. After it’s clean, let it dry. Teak dries pretty quickly in the sun.

The table was gray before I started this process. After I cleaned it, it looked sorta tan. When teak is wet, it looks closer to the actual color you are trying to achieve with this whole process.

Apply Protectant

Once the table is dry, apply a thin layer of protectant with a cloth. The protectant went on easily, and it was a fairly quick process. I just worked section by section until I had wiped the entire surface. You’ll need to apply a second coat thirty minutes after the first coat. Again, this entire process is fairly easy and quick. Make sure you wear gloves.

Dry & Enjoy

Once you’ve added the second layer of protectant, let it dry. Your piece now looks great, and it should last awhile. All of the kit reviews were really great, but I can’t speak to longevity. I’ll provide an update later this year. My hope is that we only have to clean it 2-3 times a year and add the protectant once or twice.

What do you think? We think it makes a huge difference, and I’m sure our table will last longer with proper care. This entire process took me about 3.5 hours from start to finish. Well one thing is done, now about a dozen other things to do to prepare the deck for spring. I really can’t wait! Check back later this week for another Hawaii post.


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