Packing for Hawaii

Aloha! I think we could all use a little sunshine and warm weather right about now. Don’t you agree? Today’s post is all about Hawaii, specifically how to pack for a trip to the islands. Ryan and I are headed to Oahu and Lana’i next month to celebrate my birthday. We went over our itinerary last night, and it got me thinking…I should share our favorite packing tips.

I highly recommend packing as light as possible if you want to avoid baggage fees. Southwest allows two checked bags per person. Other airlines, like Hawaiian, include baggage (limits vary) for first-class travelers. You can find rooms with washers and dryers on the islands. If you can’t pack light, you need to pack wisely. More about that below.

Here’s a look at what I typically pack for our trip (excluding toiletries).

If we’re traveling to a section of an island with different temperatures, I’ll bring attire appropriate for that excursion. Be sure to check temperatures prior to leaving. If you’re planning a mountain or volcano trip, you’ll need warmer clothing. Note that some spots can even experience snow.

We typically pack one larger bag, one smaller bag, two backpacks, and a folding bag for souvenirs. I highly recommend using packing cubes. Ryan has his set, and I have mine. We have found that we can pack more or more efficiently with the cubes.

The trick to using cubes is rolling your clothes up. By rolling your clothes, you’ll save space and your clothes won’t wrinkle nearly as much. Most items fold easily with the exception of some dresses and outerwear. I usually wear the sweatshirt and pack the jacket in my carry-on. As for shoes, my bag has a separate compartment that I like to use for shoes.

My cubes fit perfectly in my carry-on (as seen below), but I typically pack the cubes in the larger bag for longer trips. I always pack 1-2 outfits in my carry-on in case something happens (like the bag is delayed). It’s better to be prepared. If you’re bringing anything of value, pack it in your carry-on.

As for toiletries, I like to pack everything in my hanging toiletry organizer. I make sure all liquids are in a Ziploc bag before packing them in my organizer or bag. I don’t wear make-up, so everything pretty much fits in the organizer. I’ll work on a toiletry related post for you all.

If I don’t bring my backpack, I bring a larger purse that I can stuff with essentials. I typically bring a smaller purse that I can store in either the backpack or larger purse. I only bring the necessities like my license, cash, medications, etc. Leave the extras from your purse at home.

That’s a wrap on our packing. Do you have any favorite packing tips? Share your tips in the comments below. Bon voyage!


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