2019 Christmas Trees – Part 2

I’m taking a moment to share a couple more trees with you all. I really need to pull the camera back out to finish capturing everything around here. I actually took these photos with my new iPhone, which does a great job if you were wondering. (Side note: Overall, I have mixed feelings about the phone. I recently had to replace my older iPhone since it was nearly five years old). Anyway, you’re here to see trees!

I bought a brand new tree this year from Pike Nursery. It’s super full and well lit. It’s probably the best tree I’ve ever bought. I decided to combine ornaments from my Polar Express and Winter/Starbucks trees. I didn’t have enough space to do both so I figured I’d combine them this year. I think it turned out really well, but I’d prefer to keep the two themes separate. I’ll have to figure something out next year.

The pictures don’t do this tree any justice. It’s super pretty! The red ornaments really stand out on this flocked beauty.

I originally added ribbon and quickly removed it. This tree is so full, the ribbon doesn’t add anything to it. Simple is just better sometimes.

The next tree is actually one we picked out at a local tree farm. We decided to decorate our new deck for the holidays. Best decision ever! We recently spent an evening out there sipping hot cocoa and discussing an upcoming trip. Back to the tree…I have a stash of plastic ornaments for lanterns, wreaths, and other outdoor decor. I decided to use those to decorate the tree. I used outdoor LED lights on the tree, and it’s just the right amount of light.

A couple of leaves got in the tree when I snapped this one. We have a ton of trees on our property and keeping the deck clear is quite the challenge. All of the leaves have fallen now thank goodness.

I just love this deck, and the holiday decor just makes it even more magical. The adorable mushrooms, which can be use indoors and outdoors, are from Pike Nursery as well. In addition to the tree, we added some winter foliage and fairy lights. We added deer and Christmas lights below the deck. I’ve sort of got a woodland theme going on back there.

I hope to provide a post later this month regarding some of our winter landscaping. I like to change out several of our pots with the seasons. This one includes a wreath and a bundle of winter foliage.

So that’s a look at our newest trees this year, excluding our newest Disney themed tree. I’ll probably share that one last. Check back again later this week for more trees and Christmas decor.

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