Deck Oasis in Progress

It has been awhile since I mentioned the deck. For those that don’t recall or are new here, we replaced our deck earlier this year. We decided to go with Trex decking (color: beach dune) so that the maintenance is minimal. We also expanded it to include two tiers. We absolutely love the deck, but we haven’t had an opportunity to really it enjoy it yet.

We have a couple of existing pieces that we’ve been utilizing, but we ultimately want to replace the bench and chair. Our current plan includes furnishing the upper tier of the deck this fall. We will then furnish the lower tier next year. This made the most sense financially, and it allows us more time to determine how best to use that space.

Here’s a look at the design thus far.

We’ve actually ordered the furniture, and it will be delivered later this month. We decided to go with a sofa and two chairs from Rooms To Go Outdoor. We elected to go with swivel chairs, because they were just so darn comfortable. The Sunbrella cushions we chose are navy. This collection features weather resistant wicker and teak accents. It’s really pretty.

The warm gray wicker looks pretty with the beach dune trex boards. We bought the fire pit a couple of weekends ago, and I’m in love! The firepit was a must for me. It looks bronze in the image above, but ours is actually black. We decided to go with a gas fire pit, because it’s safer to use on the deck.

I have been eyeing the light fixture from Rejuvenation and the rug from West Elm. Both are a bit more than I’d like to spend, so I’ll be waiting to see if I can grab them on sale. I saw the rug in person last weekend, and it’s exactly what I want for this space.

Let’s talk accessories. I prefer to purchase my outdoor lanterns from IKEA. Their lanterns are affordable and hold up really well. I have four that I’ve used on the front porch for years, and they all still look good. The basket above is from Magnolia. I’m not sure if that’s the one I’ll go with. I might find something similar that is actually meant for outdoor use. Two pillows were included with our sofa, but I’ll need more. I really like the pillow cover options at Serena & Lily. The downside is the cost, so I’ll be waiting.

Lastly, you might notice a few things are missing from my design board. I am on the hunt for a teak side table to coordinate with the sofa. So far I haven’t found one that I love. Well I found one, but the reviews were terrible. Plants are a must for me. Ryan and I will select pots next year since everything will pretty much look dead after November. I’ll just decorate with pumpkins this fall.

This project has been super expensive (I’ll provide a price breakdown later), but I’m really looking forward to the final result. I plan on spending a lot of time out there. Lucky for us, the upper tier is shaded most of the day. I can’t wait to share pictures next month. If you like any of the items I’ve mentioned, I’ve included the links below.

Sofa | Swivel Chairs | Firepit | Outdoor Light | Pillow Cover | Lantern | Rug

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