Touches of Fall at Home

We’ve both been pretty busy with work-related activities lately, which means we haven’t had time to do much around the house. That should change, because we plan on knocking out several projects over the extended weekend. Holidays make it easier to tackle projects around the house. In between calls and meetings, I’ve slowly been adding some fall decor around the house. I have a few favorite pieces that I always bring out in addition to some pumpkins. I can’t wait to visit the pumpkin patch!

The hutch got a mini makeover last week. I added a couple of new pieces and some pumpkins. I bought a handful of faux pumpkins from Michaels a couple of years ago, and I add those throughout the house.

I try to shop my own home when mixing things up. I have a small stash of decor items in the laundry room for that purpose. The silver piece is actually from Barb’s (Ryan’s Mom) collection. She let me shop a couple of weekends ago. I already had a couple of silver pieces in the hutch, and I needed one more to complete the look.

I’m not sure the picture did this little vignette any justice. I like to place a grouping of items on top of the hutch. I’ve been dying to bring the basket back out of storage. It’s one of my favorite pieces from the Magnolia collection at Target.

I bought this sign several years ago, and it’s my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to roast marshmallows on the new deck this fall. Speaking of the deck, the new fire pit will be delivered this week! I should have a deck reveal in October for you all. Back to fall decor, I think these little touches add warmth to our home. They also get me really excited about fall.

I’ll be sure to share some better photos of all of the fall decor next month. During this season of our lives, it’s just easier to redecorate in small increments. By the time fall is actually here, our home will be completely decorated to enjoy. Until next time, have a fantastic week!


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