Food & Fun at Disney’s Epcot

I hope you all don’t mind another Disney post. I promise to have something home related soon. There’s just so much to share about Disney. So today I want to share some information regarding the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Since we haven’t been to this event yet (we’re going in September), I’m going to pull from our experience at the Flower & Garden Festival. That festival is in the spring and absolutely phenomenal. Check out this post for more details.

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Photo Credit: Disney World

The Food & Wine Festival begins August 29th this year and ends November 23rd, basically the week before Thanksgiving. Much like the spring festival, it’s a celebration of global cuisine. At these events, you can sample a variety of gourmet plates from around the world. The plates we sampled earlier this year were less than $10 each. I felt the portions reflected price. Some dishes will be a few dollars and others will be on the higher end, like steak. As you can probably imagine, this experience can get pretty expensive. We recommend looking at the menus beforehand (you can find the menus online right now).

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Photo Credit: Orlando Rising

So the passport provides all of the information regarding the different booths, demos, dishes, alcoholic beverages, etc. It’s literally your passport to the event. I believe you can download the actual passport closer to the beginning date. We found it really helpful.

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Photo Credit: Chip & Co

If you plan on trying a variety of dishes, we recommend bringing some cash. You can use a card, but the machines tend to malfunction if there is a storm. You could also by a gift card to use, which may help with keeping to a budget. I’d still keep some cash on you though, because the gift cards are impacted if the machines go down. I hope all of that makes sense.

Back to the food though, we each tried several dishes in the spring. Dishes included roasted cauliflower with sunflower brittle, island style hot dogs, and potato cakes with fresh applesauce. I’m especially excited about some of the menu options this fall. I’m looking forward to a ravioli dish with bacon and an Irish fondue. There’s also a mimosa bar which features a tropical mimosa made with POG (passion-orange-guava). I mean I’m hungry just writing this post.

We really enjoyed our time at the Flower & Garden Festival, and this upcoming event is supposed to be superior from my understanding. There are way more booths, dishes, drinks, and demos. Just like the other festivals, there’s exclusive merchandise too. I think we are going to have an amazing time.

A figurine of chef Minnie Mouse and 2 mugs with the words Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2019
Photo Credit: Disney World

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