Progress Update on Our Deck Overhaul

As promised, I’m providing a quick update on the deck. The installer and his team have made progress. They couldn’t work on the deck today, so I don’t think it will be finished this week. My hope is they will complete the railings tomorrow and maybe the steps Friday. We’ll see how far they get. I think you’ll agree the transformation, even in progress, is pretty spectacular.

The deck is much larger than before and features two distinct levels. Our yard is a complete mess right now. The installer warned me, and he wasn’t kidding.

Here’s a look at the deck from the opposite side. I think the landing for the stairs is more apparent from this view. I’m really excited about the gate that will be installed at the top of the landing. We decided to add a gate because several of our cats love to go outside on the deck.

This is what the deck looks like from our dining room. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. It’s going to be a great spot for years to come. I’ll have another update for you Monday.

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