Trex Deck Update & A Look At Before

I wanted to provide you all an update on our deck. Things are moving along much better now that the installer is here. He started on Friday, and they are here working on it as I write this. To our surprise, we had yet another delivery this morning. Besides the additional delivery, I’m feeling much better about this project. The installer has been great to work with thus far. I hope to have some pictures to share on Wednesday of their progress.

We’ve known we needed a new deck for years. Not only was our deck small and missing stairs to the backyard, it was the original (meaning it was falling apart). I mean structurally it was probably okay, but you wouldn’t dare walk on the boards without shoes. The boards were badly splintered. We only used the deck for grilling, because it wasn’t a place you’d want to spend time. With many projects close to completion, we decided it was time to address the deck.

Our new deck will be larger and more durable. It will also have stairs to the backyard. Thank goodness. We decided to go with Trex materials. All of the boards, the fascia, the railing, and the gate are Trex. That means we shouldn’t have to worry about this deck in our lifetime basically. Trex is made to last. Regular cleaning is all that’s needed. Due to the durability factor, it cost substantially more. It nearly doubled the price of the deck.

I’ve actually had several questions about the cost. This project cost us $22,000 total. That price includes the materials, the construction, permitting, etc. Roughly $14,000-$15,000 is materials and whatever margin Lowe’s gets. The deck would have cost us about $15,000 if we had gone with standard pressure treated lumber. That would also meant replacing portions of the deck at some point in the future and regular maintenance. No thank you.

This project will make a huge difference in our backyard, and I can’t wait to see the final result. I think the before and after shots are going to be pretty drastic. Be sure to check back later this week for another update.

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