A Solution to the Problem Corner

We have an odd corner in our living room that has given me a hell of a time over the years. Nothing ever seems to feel right in that space, except the Christmas tree. That solution of course only works two months out of the year. So…Why has this been such a pain?

First, the corner is roughly 4×4 feet…neither a small nor large space to work with. It’s technically part of the living room but feels like part of the dining room too. It’s just far enough from the seating area that it feels too far away. This corner is also directly outside our bedroom, and I think your eye is naturally drawn to it when you enter through the front door. Am I painting a decent image of the complexity of this corner?

For years I’ve been moving furniture and art around hoping to find a solution. Since the living room is nearly complete, I had to figure it out. I’m excited to share the solution I came up with.

We considered floating shelves, but we couldn’t find a wood tone that was compatible with our existing Magnolia pieces. So we scratched that. I got to thinking about dressers for whatever reason, and I stumbled upon this one from Crate & Barrel. I personally think it’s the perfect size. It takes up just the right amount of space and provides additional storage for blankets.

Instead of a collage of artwork (which I had in here previously), I opted to make a quilt. It took me a couple of weeks to sew, and it only cost me $35. I was thrilled to use up some fabric I already had! I used navy, white, and gray fabric. I ordered the hanger via Etsy. I haven’t decided whether to stain or paint it. I purchased the natural one so that I could decide on the right color later.

This corner needed a light badly, and I found the lamp on clearance at Pottery Barn. I’m so glad there’s something lighting up this once dark and gloomy corner. You may notice the clear top, which is a piece of acrylic. Since we have cats that like to jump on things they shouldn’t, I’ve learned to better protect our furniture. We had a piece of acrylic cut at Lowe’s, and it was the perfect solution. I’ve actually done this for several pieces now, including my nightstand.

At a later date, we’ll relocate the outlet behind the dresser. That’s a bit more complicated of a process due to our security system. I’ll explain that later. I hope to have a full living room reveal in the near future. I’ve got about three more things to check off the list!

If you have any thoughts on the quilt hanger, comment below.

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