Deck Update & Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve ever tackled a large project, you know things don’t typically go as planned. That, unfortunately, is the case for our new deck. If you missed my previous post about our new project, click here. Due to the weather, our project won’t start until May 20th. That’s about a month later than expected. Although we are disappointed we won’t have our new deck for Cinco de Mayo, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. We’ve actually been working on the landscaping in the backyard. We’ve also been trying to figure out the type of furniture we want for the new deck.

We visited a patio store a couple of weeks ago, which helped significantly in narrowing down the choices. Our new outdoor furniture needs to be weather resistant, comfortable, easy to maintain, and fulfill a purpose…like dining. With those requirements in mind, we decided on two, possibly three, groupings.

Jensen Leisure Beechworth Table

The purpose of the first grouping is dining. We want to be able to dine outside, especially during grilling season and the fall. I think we’ve decided teak or Trex is our best option. Have you ever owned teak outdoor furniture? We were told it was relatively easy to maintain, holds up well to the elements, and the sets we looked at were comfortable. I liked that if we miss an oiling or two…it’s not ruined. You can always refinish it. Is that correct? I’d love to hear from you if you own some teak pieces.

Detail Avallon Sectional.jpg
Ebel Avallon Collection

The second grouping is for lounging in the backyard and providing a comfortable spot for our cat Maui to chill. Maui likes to spend the afternoon on the deck. My hope is to have a fire pit of some sort too. I love roasting marshmallows in the summer and fall. I think we’ve decided a sectional is best for us. My preferred position at all times is lying down. With a sectional, I can lay across it or sit like a normal person when we have family over. We learned a ton about the different types of outdoor cushions while shopping. We’ll also be able to customize the cushions in most cases.

Jensen Leisure Coral Chaise

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to fit it, but I’d love to have a lounger. I want to be able to take my computer outside to work. I also just really enjoy loungers…maybe it’s the lying down thing. Whenever we vacation, I find myself chilling on a lounger with a cold drink. I’m hoping we can fit one.

If you’ve got some durable outdoor pieces or recommendations, I’d love to hear from you. Outdoor furniture is not cheap, and I’d prefer to make the right purchase the first time.

2 thoughts on “Deck Update & Outdoor Furniture

  1. No outdoor teak furniture but Fred and I lived on our Hunter 30 sailboat for 11 yr. and the teak trim was easy to take care of. I whitens or weathers when it needs oiling. I love teak


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