Gift Wrapping with Elfa

If you’ve been following along, you know one of my favorite stores is The Container Store. One of my favorite products at The Container Store is elfa. Elfa is a complete organization system for any space in your home. It’s easy to install, affordable, and customizable. It’s perfect!

When we renovated our basement to include a space for me, I knew elfa was the ideal solution for organizing my craft supplies. For a look at my craft room, click here. My original plan did not include the mountain of gift wrap that I own. So last year I decided that I needed to add additional storage for wrapping paper, bows, and everything gift giving related. I proceeded to create my own elfa solution.

I really love it! Honestly, I wish I had thought of this sooner. It has made gift wrapping even more enjoyable. I never became frustrated during the holiday season, because I could easily get to everything. This system is also the perfect height for wrapping gifts comfortably.

You might be wondering about the bars used for the actual rolls of gift wrap. They are actually back stop bars used for keeping smaller items from falling off the back.

I switch the gift wrap out seasonally, because I own way too much. Since I don’t do much gift wrapping after the holidays, I brought out a mix for the winter. Each drawer is home to a designated item, like gift bags or leftover paper.

The only thing missing from my station is a stool. After months of looking, I have finally picked one. I just need to actually order it (stool) from Serena & Lily!

Image result for riviera backless counter stool

If you’re looking to replicate this system, please let me know. You can’t walk into Container Store and just purchase this one. I’m sure if you showed one of their helpful specialist the photos, they could probably figure it out pretty easily. I’d be happy to share all of the details though and save you both time.

What do you think? This system has really made all of the difference for me.


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