What to do with an odd corner?

One of the most frustrating spots in our home is a corner outside our bedroom. It’s kinda in the living room yet feels like it’s part of the dining room. It’s weird. It is the perfect spot for a Christmas tree though, see below. The problem is the tree is only there two months out of the year.

The corner is four by four feet, which is a decent size spot. I’ve tried nearly a dozen things, and none of them were right. It’s just far enough from the seating area that it feels separate. I’ve included a couple of poor photos to demonstrate. Sometimes you just have to move pieces around to see if there is any hope!

I obviously didn’t like those options. I thought I’d get your thoughts on my latest idea. Ryan and I both work from home off and on. I retreat to my office, but Ryan doesn’t use his office. He prefers the dining space for several reasons. A laptop on the table isn’t ideal. I got to thinking that I could turn this odd corner into a miniature office for him. I found some great ideas on Pinterest.

Kitchen Desk with Inset Pin Board with Overhead Cubbies
Picture via Decor Pad
The pressure's on when Chip and Joanna agree to take on a home makeover for friend and fellow designer Kristen Bufton, and her husband Brett. Not only is there a time crunch (Kristen's expecting, with the baby due in two months) but, when one designer is faced with matching the tastes and aesthetic of another designer, things are likely to get interesting.
Picture via HGTV
Heidi Piron Design and Cabinetry - Work Space - 2
Picture via Heidi Piron

I really like this idea for the space. I would have glass door inserts though, because I’d want to show off some pretty art pieces. What do you think? Would this look right? Does it make sense? I look forward to your responses, and I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

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