2019 Home Goals

I set a bunch of goals last year, and I ended up on an entirely different track it seems like. I’ve learned that some years just don’t go the way we plan or intend. That’s okay though, because it’s a new year. I’m taking a few moments to share my goals for 2019.

Goal #1 – Complete the Laundry Room

It seems like we’ve been working on this space forever. This room was a complete gut job, and it’s about 90% complete now. We faced several setbacks over the years including a flood, which meant we had to replace the flooring. This is the year to mark if off the list, and my goal is to have it finished by spring.

Goal #2 – Complete Front Landscaping & Lighting

If you’ve been following along, you know that we spent all summer working in our yard. This project is probably 75% complete. I can’t wait to get outside to finish the porch, relocate a few plants, and install a french drain. We’ll also be hiring a professional to install some much needed lighting.

Goal #3 – Create an Outdoor Living Space

We live on roughly an acre, and we have quite a bit of space to enjoy. Ryan and I would really like to create an outdoor living space. We started this process in the fall, but we had the worst luck with contractors. They either wouldn’t show up to appointments or never sent us quotes. This project includes building a pergola, adding additional landscaping, building a retaining wall, and a few other small projects.

Goal #4 – Replace Our Carpeted Stairs

When we moved into our home, we had bare plywood stairs. At the time, it was more cost effective to install carpeting. This is the only spot in the house that has carpet. After seven years with cats, it’s time to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring that matches the upstairs. Our goal is to complete this project ourselves. My hope is to complete this before November.

We’ve got a long list of small projects too. I’ve included some of them below.

  • Repaint Master Bedroom
  • Add Decorative Trim to Living Room
  • Replace Two Doors
  • Painting Various Items
  • Installing Additional Interior Lights
  • Develop Plan for 2020 Kitchen Remodel (*Super Exciting)
  • Finish Gallery Wall in Craft Room
  • Create Workstation for Ryan
  • Add Elfa to Guest Closet

2019 will be a busy year for us. In addition to home projects, Ryan and I are renewing our vows in June. I can’t believe we’ve been married ten years already! Be sure to check back regularly for a look at our projects. I’d love to hear from you. If you’re tackling a project this year, share it below. Maybe we can hold each other accountable 😉

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