Deck the Living Room

Since the tree I’m sharing today is in the living room, you’ll also get a look at that space. I haven’t actually shown our living room on the blog before, because I’m constantly changing it. Having a small living room with three doors is a bit of challenge. It’s really coming together though, and I can’t wait to show off the finished product next year.

Anyway…back to the tree. I love how bright and warm white can feel,  especially on Christmas trees. Beautiful glass and white feathers are really the highlight of this tree. I was hoping to add another element this year, but I never found the right ornament. I know for sure I’m going to add more ribbon next time. I don’t know why I didn’t this year. It’s always a challenge switching trees, because you ultimately never have enough of something. 

Did I add enough feathers? 😉 You might notice our elf Pigpen hanging out under the tree. 

The coolest feature of this tree is that it’s rotating. We actually have two trees that rotate. I love that we can see the entire tree. Our cats also don’t mess with the tree as much since it’s rotating (bonus). You can purchase a rotating stand at Home Depot. 

This last photo made me laugh. Maui, our Maine Coon, decided she needed to get in on the action. It was too cute not to include.

I’ll reveal the final two trees next week, which are Ryan’s Snoopy tree and my angel tree. Enjoy your weekend. 

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