Holiday Exterior Decorating

There’s nothing like coming home to a beautifully decorated exterior. I think our porch looks its best at Christmas. Over the years I’ve reduced the amount of decor and replaced it with a simpler look. Our look this year includes: fresh wreaths, a beautiful live tree, lanterns, and holiday lights. 

My favorite holiday piece is a sled that Ryan’s mom gave me. It adds the perfect touch. (DIY: If you need to clean rust off of a chrome surface, try aluminum foil.) 

As I mentioned above, we bought live wreaths for our home. I love the smell, and I don’t have to store anything after Christmas.  I keep a spray bottle on hand and spritz everything daily. 

We visited Pike Nurseries a couple of times and instantly fell in love with this tabletop tree. The tree doesn’t require any watering, because the flocking actually seals it. I learn something new all of the time. It may be small, but it brings the magic.

Snoopy is an absolute must! I’ll eventually stain the crate black so that is blends in. 

I purchased the lanterns from IKEA many years ago. They are much cheaper than the ones you’d find at Pottery Barn, and they’ve held up great. I just wipe them off periodically. I like to fill the lanterns with plastic ornaments from Home Depot or Target. 

Be sure to check back later this week for another tree reveal. 

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