O Christmas Tree

I’m constantly asked how long it takes to decorate our home for the holidays. In years past, I rushed through it and finished in about two weeks. Mind you, I did make tweaks and added items throughout the entire month of December. I approached this holiday season just like before, but I quickly realized the old way didn’t meet my new expectations. I can proudly proclaim it took me the entire month of November to decorate our home. By slowing down, I’ve enjoyed the process so much more.

I’ve decorated four full size trees and four smaller trees (just as full, but shorter) for a grand total of eight. If you visited the blog last week, you saw two of the trees. I’m sharing two more trees today.

All aboard the Polar Express!

One of my absolute favorite books is The Polar Express. I decided several years ago to create an entirely themed tree around this beloved holiday story. It was much easier than I thought it would be!

This tree includes Santa, trains, gold tickets, letters to Santa, bells, and more. This tree feels like Christmas.

The bell still rings for me…

I have one regret this year, and that’s not putting the quilted tree skirt around the tree. Once I realized I needed it, it was too late! I did add a fantastic Santa bag to the base, and I love it.

Tickets please!
Do you believe?

If you’ve been following along, you know that in years past I decorated a tree for Halloween. My Harry Potter inspired tree didn’t make it out this year, and I’m now glad it didn’t. I decided to add a Christmas touch, and I think you’ll agree it’s magical. 

Many of my Harry Potter ornaments were purchased at Hallmark. The rest were found or made by yours truly. I got an amazing deal on the candles. They are LED clip-on candles from Michaels, and the set includes a handy remote. 

Doesn’t the ribbon remind you of the drapes in the Gryffindor rooms? I really love how well this tree came together. I did purchase some beautiful gold crackled ornaments for this tree, but they were too heavy. Once I have enough ornaments, I’ll move this to a larger tree. My trees don’t stay small long!

Do you have a favorite tree yet? I hope you enjoyed these trees as much as I enjoyed decorating them. Be sure to check back soon for a look at two more trees! 

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