Whoville Inspired Bedroom for the Holidays

Hello there! I know it has been awhile, but I’m finally sharing what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. Everything Christmas! I’ve literally left the house with glitter all over my face! How does that keep happening??? To kick things off, I’m sharing one of my favorite themes with you all.

Our spare room is transformed into my own personal Whoville for the holidays.  Not only does it feature a Grinch inspired tree and village, it also includes a whimsical tree inspired by all of the classics.


You’ll find a blue fish, maybe two fish, the Cat in the Hat, Sneetches, and more.


All of the bedding is from Pottery Barn, excluding the quilt. I actually made that last year, and it has to be one of my favorite things in this space.


Many of the ornaments on the trees were purchased from Department 56, Universal Studios, Lenox, and Hallmark.


If you aren’t familiar with Trendy Tree, I encourage you to visit their website. Their selection of ribbon and accessories is fantastic. I ordered the Grinch for the tree, and I think you’ll agree it adds the perfect touch!


You may recall that we purchased a bookcase from Pottery Barn several months ago. We bought it with the intention to use it for my village. It worked perfectly, and I have space to grow!


I’ve got many more trees and holiday inspiration to share, so be sure to check back frequently. Until then, enjoy the merriest season of all!

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