Animals In Need, Have a Home

One of my favorite places to visit is the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. What’s not to love about a place full of cats? The Lanai Cat Sanctuary was founded by my dear friend Kathy Carroll. The sanctuary was established to protect the cats and endangered birds on the island. Over the years, this wonderful place has expanded beyond my wildest dreams. I’m always amazed when I visit. More than 600 cats call it home. The amazing team and volunteers provide a quality life to cats that might have otherwise suffered. For more details, click here.


Gingersnap, pictured above, reminded me of our Annabelle. So much spunk!


You can spend an hour or the day loving on these precious kitties. The santuary is open from 10AM to 3PM each day. Ryan fell in love with the sweetie above.


Want to help? You can sponsor a furry friend or simply donate, click here to make a difference today. It’s money well spent! I have been sponsoring kitties for years, and it just feels good.

Ryan, his parents, and I visited the Leilani Farm Sanctuary for the first time this trip. This island paradise is home to rescued farm animals. Each of the animals has a unique story- like Dorothy, who was slated for the slaughterhouse. This all started thanks to Laurelee Blanchard, and it was such a pleasure to meet her. Her story is an interesting one, and I encourage you to visit their website or order the book for details. She provided the tour and told us about the animals. It was a highlight of our trip!


The sanctuary is home to deer, a cow, chickens, pigs, donkeys, cats, and more. I never thought I’d pet a turkey or a deer, but I did! I also held one of the roosters, fed some guinea pigs, and brushed a donkey.


To learn more about the incredible work happening at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary, click here. You can visit that link to make a donation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, and I hope you’ll visit either in-person or online. These truly are incredible places and operated by fantastic volunteers. Even the smallest donation of time and or money can make a lasting impact.  Mahalo.

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