Welcome Fall into Your Home

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters, and relaxing by a campfire spark joy deep within my being. I think in some ways I was made for this season. It just feels like my soul is home. Does that even make sense? Well if it doesn’t, that’s perfectly fine, because I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to embrace fall. It’s all about creating a space you love.


Scents that Awaken Your Senses

Many years ago, Ryan and I donated all of our candles in favor of essential oils. I don’t pretend to know the first thing about essential oils and the health benefits. Much of what I know is from Google searches. I’m a huge fan of using tea tree oil for both your hair and skin. Besides the tea tree oil, I really use essential oils to awaken our senses and infuse our home. Essential oils are a great and healthy way to make your home smell amazing. I’ve also found that certain oils calm me when I’m stressed, like lavender. Nothing is better than walking into a home that smells fantastic.

Pumpkin Spice: 4 drops cinnamon bark + 2 drops nutmeg+ 2 drops clove

I personally purchase my oils from Whole Foods, but I might give Young Living a try in the near future. As far as diffusers go, we have several inexpensive ones from Amazon. I’ll try to find the exact one and add the link later.

Image result for diffusers
Photo | Young Living

Lots of Layers

Layers just make everything cozy. Do you layer your outfits in the fall and winter? You should try the same around your house. Pillows, accessories, and especially blankets are great for adding warmth around your home. I always keep a blanket on our sofa. I also keep baskets and totes full of extra blankets around the house.

Image result for fall decor throws
Photo | Pottery Barn

Layer your accessories. A lantern, favorite painting, a trinket, and some pumpkins can make a boring console table look amazing. You’ll find a variety of ideas online.

Favorite Treats at Reach

We all have favorite snacks and or treats that make us feel good. You know..the kind of treat that makes you smile instantly. For me, hot chocolate is my beverage of choice. I absolutely love it! I keep ingredients on hand so that I can make a warm cup of chocolaty goodness whenever I feel like it. You could easily keep your favorite scone or cookie stocked too.

Image result for hot chocolate wondermade marshmallows
Photo | Wondermade

Fabulous Hot Chocolate Recipe

Couple Pumps of Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce

Couple Pumps of Vanilla Syrup 

1-1.5 Cups of Milk (I prefer Soy)

Reddi Wip

 2 WONDERMADE Marshmallows

Mix the sauce and syrup in your favorite mug. Warm the milk and pour it into your mug. Stir for thirty seconds and top with your favorites (whip cream & marshmallows).

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Whether it’s miniature pumpkins or acorns, bring some of the outdoors into your home. Branches are great for vases in entryways, dining rooms, and console tables. Acorns and popcorn kernels make great filler in lanterns. My absolute favorite item to decorate with in the fall is pumpkins. We always make a special trip to the pumpkin patch, and I like to bring home a variety of pumpkins for decorating. Pumpkins are a must on our front porch. I also use them throughout our living and dining spaces. Have you seen the creamy white or gray varieties? I even saw blue this year!

Photo | Southern Living

Bring Harmony to Your Life

We’re all super busy, but it’s important to take time for yourself. Create a special place in your home for enjoyment, reflection, and peace. It could be a reading nook, a favorite chair with a cozy blanket, or an entire room of your favorite things. Make a space all your own. It’s important to take time for ourselves to recharge. It’s also important to create a home that brings us joy and creates harmony. Decluttering is a great way to restore order and harmony. I recently completed my own challenge, and it has made a difference in our home, click here for details.

No matter what you do, create a home that represents you and your family. Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful day!


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