Atrium Reveal

I recently had the pleasure of working on a design project at work. The space serves as a entrance and lounge. Primary colors were used throughout the adjoining space, which happens to be a makerspace. I carried that same color palette into the lounge without making it feel ‘elementary’. I wanted it to feel clean, modern, and inviting. I’m really excited to share this space with you all, and I hope you enjoy!

TB Atrium Sofa

One of my favorite splurges in this space was the sofa and pair of colorful pillows. These pillows really bring it all together and coordinate perfectly with the stained red concrete. The gray pillows actually came with the sofa.


TB Seating

TB Atrium


Another favorite piece is the plant stand from Home Depot. Isn’t it lovely? An affordable and stylish beverage cart from Target made the perfect coffee station. My assistant and I printed gear shaped coasters and placed them throughout the space.


TB Cart

Given full creative liberties, there are a few things I’d do. The first is that I’d add a large piece of graphic art above the beverage cart. It really needs something above it! Part of the building exterior was left exposed in the atrium, so any art would have to be hung with concrete screws. It’s possible to do, but I didn’t have the time nor the right piece. The timeline was also too tight to make something. The second thing I would do is add a rug. I actually found the perfect red and navy rug at Home Goods not too long ago; however, a rug was not preferred for this space. The last thing I would do is add a table behind the sofa. I think a sculpture of some kind would look great on a console! You could also place two lamps on the console. I’d probably just move the one that is in there and purchase a second one. This is of course is just my opinion. I really think the space came together well.

The adjoining space is a new makerspace for community makers. It was quite the project! The atrium will be a place for makers to unwind, exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, and enjoy a cup of coffee. For those wondering what a makerspace is…it’s space for innovation and product development. So…what do you think?


Below are links to some of the items in this space. The blue armchairs were purchased from Overstock. The end table to the right of the sofa was bought at a local furniture store, and the second one (left) was made locally. I did include a link that will direct you to the company that made the table. Everything else was with made using a 3D printer (like the pumpkins) or bought locally.

Sofa | End Table | Brass Tray | Magazine Rack | Plant Stand | Round End Table | Pillows  | Cloche | Brass Basket | Beverage Cart


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