Less than 75 Days til Maui

It has been several weeks since I’ve talked about Hawaii which obviously means it is time to talk about my favorite place. Ryan and I have less than 75 days until we are by the sea and soaking up those golden rays of sunshine. We will be visiting Maui this time with Ryan’s wonderful parents. Thanks Mom & Dad for allowing us to tag along!

If you’ve been following along, you know we take planning to another level. Trust me, it’s much easier to plan than it looks. Check out my post Travel: Prep & Packing for more details. I thought I would share some of the things I am most looking forward to this trip.

Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Animals, especially cats, are dear to my heart. Ryan and I will be visiting the Leilani Farm Sanctuary for the first time. It’s eight lush acres of paradise for rescued animals. They’ve got bunnies, deer, cows, and much more. You can actually sponsor any of the animals by visiting their website, click here. I think this will be a really fun experience, and I look forward to learning more about this Maui gem.

Image result for leilani animal sanctuary
Photo: TripAdvisor

Tour of the Stars

The Hyatt Regency offers a stellar experience during the evening hours. You’ll climb to the rooftop to enjoy a guided tour of the sky and constellations. There happens to be two Celestron telescopes for viewing, which is pretty amazing!  The reviews of the entire experience are outstanding. Ryan and I have actually attempted this activity before, but it was canceled due to poor weather conditions.

Picture: WAG Magazine


I’ve become quite addicted to kayaking around Oahu, so I’m going to give it a try when we visit Maui. It’s just a fun way to explore the outer banks of the islands. It’s also one way to burn calories, because you need that second Hawaiian shave ice. Fun fact about me…I don’t actually swim in the ocean. Kayaking allows me to enjoy the ocean from a ‘safer’ distance…like not in the water. You don’t swim in the shark’s house!


Lanai Four Seasons

This one is a splurge! We are very fortunate to be staying with Ryan’s parents most of our trip. Their generosity is saving us money and allowing us to splurge one night. We will be spending our last night on Lanai, which is just a boat ride away from Maui. Seriously…when are they going to have daily, direct flights from Maui to Lanai? Anyway, we will be staying at the Four Seasons! The excitement sounds like screaming! It’s pure joy though. This resort is ranked #1 in the country. Ryan and I have walked around the resort during previous trips, but we usually don’t stay overnight. I really think we’re really going to like the experience. Too bad this could possibly be a once in a lifetime adventure for us.


There are a million other things I’m looking forward to as well, like pool time and cocktails on the beach. I just can’t wait to step off the plane and smell the fresh air. I instantly feel at home and any stress just sinks to the bottom of the ocean. I’m smiling just thinking about it. Well I’ve got to snap back to reality, but I’d love to hear about your upcoming vacations. Find us on Instagram @lifeonharmony or comment below.


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