Cleaning Hardwood Floors & One Fun Find

Happy Monday!

When Ryan and I were searching for our current house, we didn’t really have a ‘wish list’ due to our budget. We were just looking for a fixer upper we could turn into a home! The one thing we did want was hardwood floors. Lucky for us, our home had hardwoods in good condition.

The key to great looking hardwood floors is regular cleaning and waxing. I decided to try a new product this weekend, and I wanted to share my results. I cleaned three bedrooms Sunday morning. This product, see below, is easy to use and adds just the right amount of shine. The only negative is that you need to let the floor dry for forty-five minutes to an hour.


I started by sweeping and vacuuming each room. I cleaned the floors with Pine-Sol, which is my favorite routine cleaner. I prefer to wash the floors ‘Cinderella’ style. A mop just doesn’t cut it. Here’s what the floors looked like before I applied the new product.


Once everything was dry, I used a damp cloth to apply Quick Shine. I closed the doors to each room and set a timer. It took me a couple of hours to complete the entire process. I think the floors look great.


Look at that shine! Don’t you just love the way clean floors feel under your feet. If you’ve tried any great products for hardwoods, I’d love to hear from you.

In addition to washing the floors, I also continued working on my new Elfa system. I recently decided it was time to add a gift wrap station to the craft room. This new system replaced the hutch that was previously in the room. I can’t wait to show you how we re-purposed that hutch! I’ve still got some arranging to do, but I think I’m really going to enjoy this during the holiday season.


Once I finished working in the yard Saturday morning, Ryan and I visited the Pottery Barn Warehouse Outlet in Morrow, Georgia. We went with the intention of finding a new nightstand. No luck. Ryan came across a bookcase though, and his wheels got to turning. He called me over and explained how this bookcase could be used for my Grinch village during the holidays. You see the issue is…I outgrew the dresser last year. Here’s a look back the village, click here. At only $100, I couldn’t pass up this bargain or his genius idea!


This bookcase was originally $250 and is available at Pottery Barn Kids. Styling is a work in progress, but the main purpose for this piece is of course is displaying my village. I’ll be sure to share those details in the future.

So that’s what we accomplished this weekend. How about you? Share your projects in the comments below.


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