Helpful Tips for Styling a Hutch

I thought I’d talk about styling today. In particular, I thought I’d share some quick and easy tips for styling a hutch. Styling can be a challenge, but practice makes perfect. No designer gets it right on the first try. He or she will more than likely take a step back from time to time and tweak. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking!

First things first, clear everything out. This is also a great time to clean, dust, and shop your home for accessories.


Choose a Color Scheme or Theme

Take a look around your home. What colors stand out? Select a palette that coordinates with your home. I personally like to use neutrals and add touches of color (typically blue or green). You can also select a theme, which is great for seasonal or holiday decorating.


Divide & Conquer

Divide your hutch into quadrants and decorate each quadrant. This tends to be easier than trying to decorate the entire piece as one unit. For my hutch, I’ve divided it into six ‘boxes’. The same concept applies to bookcases. If the quadrant concept doesn’t make sense, try tackling only one shelf at a time. Be sure to add texture and varying heights.


Think on the Diagonal 

If you watch ‘Behind the Design’, Joanna Gaines talks about designing on the diagonal. You want to place similar items or finishes diagonally down your hutch or bookcase. Not only does this look better visually, but similar items create cohesion. So if I’m using a few galvanized pieces, I’ll place them on a diagonal or zigzag the items from top to bottom. Take a look at the picture below for an example.

Image result for styling bookcase

Layer It

Layer your shelves like you’d layer your outfit during the winter. Place plates, frames, or taller pieces towards the back. As you work your way forward add stacked items and individual accessories. Don’t forget groupings look better in odd numbers. You can leave some space between your ‘quadrants’ or add something like glass to create visual interest that isn’t heavy.

My lower right quadrant isn’t quite complete. Sometimes you just have to buy an accessory or two when freshening up a space. I’ll be sure to share the final product once complete.


Those are my quick and easy tips to decorating a hutch or bookcase. What do you think?

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