Organize Craft Clutter with Simple Solutions

Hey there! Is it just me or did the weekend fly by? I’m so ready for our mini vacation to the mountains next month. I’ll be sharing all of the details from that trip upon returning. Today, I’m sharing some simple solutions for craft clutter. If you’re crafty, this one is for you.

If you missed the reveal of my craft room last year, here’s a look. I think the only thing that has changed since I snapped this photo is the table in the middle.


What I didn’t show you in the reveal is how I organized the cabinets. Each cabinet has a purpose and is organized accordingly. I store everything from sewing tools to sand (for centerpieces) in these cabinets. With the help of some awesome products from Container Store, I can easily tell you where something is located. Click on the appropriate links below for product details.

Knit Baskets
Stackable Organizer Trays
Photo Storage Box
Smart Store Tote
Thread Storage

The last one is for an alternative product that accomplishes the same thing. I’m not sure if Container Store still sells the thread organizer, because I couldn’t find it online.

When it comes to organizing, I recommend keeping it simple. Even clear boxes with labels can simplify a messy cabinet. I also encourage you to visit your local Container Store for all of your storage needs. It’s no secret it’s my favorite store! They really have everything for an organized home.

Be sure to check back later this week for a look at my summer hutch. In the meantime, share your favorite storage solutions in the comments below.


*Please note this post only reflects my opinions of these products, and I did not receive compensation from The Container Store.*

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