Add Curb Appeal with Beautiful Landscaping

It’s Monday, and I’m exhausted from playing in the dirt! We spent the majority of the weekend implementing our design plan by Pike Nurseries. If you missed the plan reveal, click here. Our plan included revamping several existing flowerbeds, and adding additional beds near the sidewalk. We’ve made a ton of progress over the last three weeks, and I thought I’d share an update.

We decided to start on everything to the right of our front porch. From there, we’d tackle the front of the sidewalk and finish in the two existing beds to the left of the porch. Thanks to the early arrival of summer, we will probably hold off completing this project until September or October. It’s just too hot! I’m hoping to finish the bed in front of the sidewalk by the end of the week though.

Before I start sharing current photos, I wanted to share a photo of our home after we bought it. This ‘before’ photo really puts it all in perspective. Looking at this photo, I really don’t miss the original front porch.

House Before

Several years ago we installed elevated beds to reduce the amount of runoff. We started by removing existing plants and making some adjustments to the existing wall. Ryan and I then removed grass, loosened the existing soil, added better soil, and planted 24 plants. I really loathe removing grass, weeds, and rocks! It’s a great workout though if you’re interested. Just message me!

Yard 4

Yard 7

Next, we installed a path between the beds you see in the photos above. This is a fairly easy task, and we opted for larger stepping stones. Unfortunately, the heavy rain washed away some of the mulch dye. Our transplanted tea olive is also loosing its leaves from shock. We are fertilizing it like crazy, so I hope it rebounds after it takes root.

Yard 1

Doesn’t it look so much prettier than the ‘before’ photo? This section is pretty much complete! I’m jumping up and down with excitement. That was hard work.

Let’s move right along to the front of the sidewalk. I’ve never liked our straight sidewalk, so this new bed will add some much need curvature. We’re probably 70% of the way there, and it’s already making a huge impact. We planted gardenias, muhly grass, golden mops, loropetalums, and dwarf butterfly bushes over the weekend. I’ll provide a complete list of plants and links closer to completion.

Yard 5

You can see all the plants we have huddled by the woods in the picture above. I don’t know why I think that’s funny! I’ll blame it on the exhaustion and sore muscles. As you can probably imagine, this project requires a ton of dirt and mulch.

yard 6

Home Depot will deliver pallets of dirt and mulch for $79. Be sure to order during a sale to save money. That about sums up our weekend and landscaping update. Before I go, I do want to share some beautiful photos from the rear flowerbed. We recently installed a paver path, click here for details if you missed it. The hydrangeas are blooming now!

Yard 3

Yard 2

All of these landscaping projects really up the curb appeal, which our home needed! It wasn’t cute when we bought it, but with each year that passes it looks more beautiful. Be sure to check back for more updates! I’d love to see some of your flower and landscaping photos. Follow me on Instagram @LifeonHarmony or post below.








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