Project Update

Last week was a busy one. I got so busy at the office and around the house that I didn’t even get a chance to add anything new to the blog. Is it just me or is time flying? June is just around the corner. If I’m being honest, we haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I’d like. We are currently working on several projects, and I thought I share some of them below.

Our biggest project right now is landscaping our front yard. Pike Nurseries recently developed a design plan for us, and we are now slowly implementing it. If you missed the plan, click here. We divided the plan into sections, and we are focusing on everything to the right of our porch first. We started by removing some existing shrubs and plants. I’ve got to relocate the peonies this week. We also had to excavate for an entirely new bed, which will include a path (where the grass still is). There is nothing fun about removing grass and clay on a humid afternoon in Georgia! We’re hoping to have this entire section done by the end of next weekend.


A month or so ago, I mentioned that I had commissioned a painting. The painting features a beautiful and isolated church on Maui. It’s my grandfather’s final resting place, and it holds a special place in my heart. This painting is part of a gallery wall I am curating for our living room. This odd wall in our living room will now be a beautiful feature.


We recently installed a new smart thermostat. We went with ecobee, because they were the first to promote room sensors. This thermostat features a larger display too. I won’t go into details right now. Be sure to check back soon for a complete post. I’ve got to purchase some paint this week for touch ups around the thermostat.


I’ve also been researching some possible chandeliers to replace the existing one in our dining room. I want something that compliments any style. My favorite one so far is at Pottery Barn.

Linen Drum Pendant

Lastly, I bought my very first new car over the weekend. I love my new hybrid! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @lifeonharmony for project details, behind the scenes, and more. Happy Monday!


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