Install a Cute & Simple Paver Path

Ryan and I installed a small paver path between two existing flowerbeds on Saturday. We decided to give the Brock PaverBase system a try, and it was a fairly simple process. You can visit their site, click here, for all of the details. I’ve included the basic steps below, as well as photos/illustrations.

Prepare the Site

You’ll need to excavate the area and determine the correct depth. Based on the depth of our pavers, we had to dig deeper than the recommended inch.


Level & Compact the Soil 

Photo | Brock PaverBase

Install Landscaping Fabric

We didn’t actually complete this step, because that section of yard is rocky. Grass didn’t really grow there to begin with.

Spread & Level Sand

Photo | Brock PaverBase

Install Panels

This was probably the easiest step. You can trim the panels to create the right size.

Image result for brock paver base
Photo | Brock PaverBase

Install Pavers

We selected two gray pavers from Lowe’s to create a slight pattern.


Fill Gaps with Polymeric Sand

You could also use regular sand, but we bought the sand that was beside the display.


After a few hours working in the hot Georgia sun, we now have a path. This would have gone faster, but we had to extend an existing drain. I would most certainly consider using this line of products for a larger project. What do you think?


If you missed my post regarding the bed to the left of the path, here’s a closer look.





We made quite a bit of progress this weekend, and I’m really excited to start the raised beds. If you missed my post last week about raised garden beds, click here. Have a fantastic week and be sure to check back here later this week.

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