Hallmark Keepsake Dream Book 2018

It’s that time of year again! Dream Book time! If you missed my post last year, you can check it out here. Christmas is my absolute favorite, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite ornaments from the 2018 book. In addition to the new book, Hallmark has rolled out a new and improved Keepsake Ornament Club experience. I finally joined this year, and I’ll be sharing more about that on Instagram. Be sure to follow us @lifeonharmony for behind the scenes photos, details, and stories.

If you’d like to download a copy of the 2018 Dream Book, you can do so by going to Hallmark’s website or by clicking here.

The 2018 Dream Book is available in stores and online.
Photo Credit | Hallmark

Hallmark did not disappoint this year! The selection and detail is superb. If you’ve never taken a look, I encourage you to do so right now. Not only are these ornaments perfect for holiday decorating, they also make fantastic gifts. I thought I’d share some of my favorites below.

If you’re new here, I have a Harry Potter themed tree that I display during the month of October. Harry Potter was my favorite series growing up, and I thought it was only natural that I create a tree around the series. Hallmark has made that task much easier with the introduction of several new ornaments each year. My favorite one for 2018 is the Honeydukes Sweet Shop. It’s just like the shop at Universal Studios, and it’s the perfect addition.

Harry Potter™ Honeydukes Sweet Shop™ Ornament
Harry Potter™ Honeydukes Sweet Shop™ Ornament

If it has anything to do with Snoopy, it is going to be in our home. There are several new Peanuts themed ornaments this year, and I’m particularly excited about the one below.

The Peanuts® Gang Snoopy Skates! Musical Ornament With Light and Motion
The Peanuts® Gang Snoopy Skates! Musical Ornament With Light and Motion

Isn’t it cute? The light and motion add a magical touch to this holiday favorite. There’s also an entire set of Peanuts ornaments centered around the classic TV special. The ornaments actually connect and recreate the scenes from the special. Ryan is super excited about those. We may need to add a second tree, because his collection is quite massive now.

In years past, I’ve been quite disappointed with the selection of Polar Express themed ornaments. Each year they’ve released a new bell, and I don’t need that many bells. I wanted something new to add to my beloved tree. Hallmark finally has something new, and I can’t wait to add it..

Mini LIONEL® The Polar Express™ Ornaments, Set of 3
Mini LIONEL® The Polar Express™ Ornaments, Set of 3

I was most surprised by the ornament below. This ornament offers a peek inside a special book, “The Kissing Hand”. I’ve always been very fond of this book. It was read to me in counseling, and it just stuck. I can’t wait to add this one to my collection.

The Kissing Hand Ornament
The Kissing Hand Ornament

So that is a roundup of some of my favorites. We’ll be submitting our wish list next month and awaiting the arrival of our 2018 ornaments. I think we’re buying over twenty this year! Time to start saving! Before I go, I will say I was quite disappointed that Hallmark did not release a new Grinch ornament. Christmas just isn’t the same without the Grinch. I’m hoping they have something up their sleeves, because the new movie comes out in November. Maybe they will release an ornament in conjunction with the  movie. I can only hope! Other than that, it’s another great year for ornament shopping.

I’d love to hear from you! Which ornaments would you like to add to your tree? Leave us a message in the comments below.

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