Custom Framing

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect frame? I sure know I have. I’ve spent countless hours going from store to store looking for something that simply didn’t exist. The good news is that there is a simpler and more creative solution.

I thought I would share our experience with Michael’s Custom Framing. Please note I am not at all affiliated with Michael’s, and I’m only sharing my personal experience with you in hopes that you’ll find the perfect frame for your next project. We have had Michael’s frame nearly a dozen different pieces for us over the years.

Image result for custom framing at michaels

Before I share some photos of the items we’ve framed, let me tell you about the process. I personally like to know what to expect before I try something new. Once you’ve selected an item to be framed, you need to visit your local store. At your local store, they will provide the following services.

  • Measure your piece or determine size requirements
  • Ask about the space that will house your work of art
  • Recommend frame and matting options
  • Provide actual visuals with all of your selections
  • Offer suggestions
  • Work within your budget and ensure you get the best discount based on current promotions

Once you’ve happily selected everything, you pay and receive a receipt with an expected date of completion. The entire process can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour depending on how quickly you make a decision.


Michael’s offers over 400 moulding options, which is fantastic. I’ve never not found a frame for a piece. In addition to being knowledgeable, the process is quick. We typically receive our framed piece within a couple of weeks. They now offer more affordable options for framing too. We’ve used both stores nearby, and the experience has been consistently great at both.

The very first piece we had framed is very dear to my heart, because it’s my wedding dress. Michael’s did an incredible job with my dress, and I love it. It has been several years since we had it done, and I enjoy it just as much today as I did when I picked it up. This photo isn’t very good, but I can’t take a new photo without capturing the chandelier that hangs in our staircase.


Most of the Peanuts themed artwork in our home was also framed at Michael’s. We’ve had both prints and canvases framed.


I just recently dropped off a piece for our living room, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Be sure to check back next month for a look at my newest gallery wall. If you missed my post regarding my living room, be sure to¬†click here.

I admit that custom framing can be an investment, because it most certainly was for my dress. The frame actually cost more than my dress, but it was 100% worth it. Michael’s has come a long way to make it more affordable than ever. Framing starts as low as $59 for an 8×10. Have you seen the prices of frames at some home decor stores? Right.

Before I go, I can’t stress enough how great of an experience it is to work with Michael’s on these projects. I highly recommend it, which is why I took the time to share my experience with you all today. I hope you’ll consider it the next time you can’t find the right frame. You’ll save yourself time and have more options than you ever imagined!



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