Sconces for the Guest Room

Lighting is one of my favorite things to shop for, and I’ll admit that I buy light fixtures before I even start a room. I actually have two awesome lights sitting in the shed right now, because we haven’t built the space for those lights. Lighting is one of those elements that makes or breaks a room. Have you ever been in a basement without proper lighting? More than likely, you didn’t want to stay in that dark basement too long. You want sufficient light, that you can adjust, to create the mood or meet the need of a task. Type and placement are two important aspects of good room design. Lighting works in conjunction with natural light, room size, color, room characteristics, and decor selection. The point is that lighting is an important part of your space, and you should put some thought into it.

Image result for well lit room

Our guest room has a nice large window, which provides plenty of natural light during the day. If we had felt we needed ambient lighting, I would have installed a ceiling mounted fixture.  The space, where I would have put a beautiful light fixture, is home to a ceiling fan instead. If you live in Georgia, you need ceiling fans to keep air circulating and to reduce energy costs in the summer (essentially May-September).


Two other types of lighting to consider are task and accent lighting. The lamps beside the bed act as task lighting. These lamps were very inexpensive and a temporary solution until I found the perfect lights for this room. We don’t have any accent lighting in this space, because it’s fairly small and doesn’t feature anything architectural that I’d want to highlight. I could add some accent lighting above the gallery wall, if I decided to do so later down the road.

Now that I’ve explained the lighting situation, let’s talk about sconces. I love the way a pair of beautiful sconces can accent a bed or piece furniture (see the image below). I’m finally ready to add a sconce on either side of our guest bed. I’ve picked out a couple of options and would love to get your opinion.

#1 Pottery Barn Francis Sconce

Francis Sconce


#2 Shades of Light Soft Contemporary Sconce

Soft Contemporary Sconce 1 Light oil_rubbed_bronze


#3 Pottery Barn Chelsea Swing-Arm

CFL Chelsea Swing-Arm Sconce Base, Antique Brass finish


#4 Kohler Mystery Light



The last light was found in a showroom, and I have no information on it. I really like the look of it, but I’m almost positive this light cost over $200. From these options, it’s time to decide which light is best for our guest room. I’m not particularly sold on one finish, and many of these lights have a few options. I like to mix metals, and I’m currently loving antique brass. I’d love to get your input in the comments below.

Be sure to check back soon regarding my selection and to follow me on Instagram for a behind the scenes look!


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