Cape Town Part 2: Activities

We hope you enjoyed the first post. If you missed it last week, click here. Let’s jump right in!

Try out the local cuisine!  Their version of fish and chips is different than what you’d get here or England. Try out the braai, which is their version of a barbeque. For those of you craving comfort food, it will satisfy your craving. My all time favorite dish was ostrich. Yep, you read that right… I tried ostrich. Don’t be afraid to try it!


Visit a local township and get to know the people. If you are traveling with a group, then you need to Dine with Khayelitsha. They are four locals who wanted to bridge the gap between townships and cities. They invite others into their homes for an authentic meal and conversation. To see how others make it through the day happily, without all of the luxuries that we Americans are accustom to, is truly a humbling and a well-defined moment for anyone’s life.

Go to a reserve. My group and I went to the Aquila Private Game Reserve and participated on a safari ride. This was easily one of my favorite activities. No safari is the same, because the animals have a vast amount of land to roam. You never know what animals you will see, although you might get lucky and see some truly spectacular creatures just feet away from your vehicle.



Go to a wine tasting. This is another great one for groups or couples. A few hours outside of Cape Town there is a winery called Fairview. The owner also owns Spice Route. They are very close to one another, and you must enjoy both. This was the most beautiful place I have seen. Spice Route offers a few eateries and tastings such as beer tasting, wine tasting, cured beef tasting, ice cream tasting, and more. Then over at Fairview, you can have a wine and cheese tasting that was exquisitely paired.


Jump in the water. Despite the water being extremely cold, you should bite the bullet and jump in with some sea creatures. I decided to give seal snorkeling a try. The seals were playful and energetic. You almost forget that your toes, fingers, and face are absolutely numb. Cape Town is also very popular for cage diving with sharks. This is one of the few places that you can visit to dive with great whites. It was not offered to the group that I traveled with. Sure enough, once a day I overheard or was told that it was a must do in Cape Town.


Lastly, find something meaningful during your trip to Cape Town. We met a business owner with a beautiful story to tell. She owns Khayelitsha Cookies. Through thick and thin, her team has overcome it all. Most of the employees are single moms who are just trying to make ends meet. The proceeds go to feeding the starving children right there in their hometown and surrounding areas. They have built their business up from a tiny room to a factory. They are now expanding and building their own facilities. I bought cookies for everyone close to me, because you create an opportunity for a child in South Africa every bite that you eat. I encourage you to check out their story and donate a brick to their new factory. Click here for more information. 

Image result for khayelitsha cookies

A special thanks to Morgan for her willingness to share her experience with us all. She had a fantastic trip, and I enjoyed seeing all of the photos! Who is now planning at trip to Cape Town? Until next time, have a great week!

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