DIY Shelf

My grandmother and I were very close. She was one my earliest and favorite teachers. We actually lived behind her for a short duration of my childhood. Not only was she an excellent gardener and lover of animals, she was also very creative. I like to think that’s where I got my creativity. The summer before my freshmen year in high school, my grandmother passed away. She lost a very difficult fight with cancer at 54. Before she passed, she gifted me her collection of Demdaco Willow Angels and asked me to continue the collection. I think she’d be quite impressed with our collection.


I have received many of my angels as gifts over the years, and I occasionally buy one for myself when it feels right. Each of these angels represents a piece of my life or someone I love. They are very dear to my heart.

As the collection grows, I have to continue to find ways to display them all. I thought the floating shelves would take awhile to fill, but I was wrong. I realized I needed to figure something out after the holiday season, because I had several new angels without a home. I prefer to keep the angels in one space. The collection simply looks better that way. So I’ve been working on a project to solve my dilemma for a few weeks now. I decided to add a shelf to an existing piece of furniture in my craft room. By adding a shelf to an existing piece, I have additional display space at an affordable price. It’s also perfect for displaying some my seasonal pieces. The good news is that I can keep it up year round (no additional holiday storage boxes) and keep it hidden when I see fit.


Once Ryan and I discussed the idea, we took one of the doors to Benjamin Moore to find a similar color. They recommended a paint that I had never used before, and I was really excited to give it a try. The paint, part of the ADVANCE Interior line, is perfect for furniture applications and can be tinted to meet your needs. We chose poplar wood, because it’s affordable and easy to paint. After Ryan cut everything, I sanded it all to be sure it was ready for paint. The ADVANCE paint went on really well. I simply followed the instructions and practiced patience. They recommend waiting 24 hours between each coat…yuck! Honestly, that was the only negative. I lightly sanded between each coat and applied three coats total. The finish is really smooth. This paint is also supposed to be more durable, and painted surfaces can be cleaned with water. I’ll be interested to see how it holds up.


Once everything was painted, we installed the new shelf. It was the perfect solution, because I now have space to grow into. I might add lights above the shelf later down the road. So, what do you think?


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