Cat Room Reveal

This project started nearly a year ago, and I’m so glad this space is done! If your new here, we converted our garage into a den, cat room, and office. We doubled our square footage by doing so, and the extra space has been a wonderful addition. Although the den is not 100%, I’ve shared some pictures of its progress. The cat room was never supposed to take as long as it did. Because of that, I haven’t shared any photos of the cat room since we installed the floor, click here. It’s finally complete, and I think we’re all pleased with the finished product.

Before I reveal the space, here’s a look back at the space shortly after construction started.

Cat Room- Edit

Here’s the space now that it has walls, trim, furniture, and a completed closet.


I’ll be honest, this room is quite different from what I had originally planned. Although it was always supposed to be a space for the cats, I was also hoping to make it the perfect place to enjoy a book or a glass of lemonade. The cats totally claimed it though. They love this room! The cats were actually part of the delay in finishing this space. Let me explain.

An existing window and the cats were the reason this space took so long. When we met with the contractors (they did the framing and drywall), they told us the ceiling would hit above the window. I did not want a ceiling that ran into a window…that looks stupid! What do you think happened? Yep, they ran the ceiling into the window. I wasn’t happy, but I thought I could make it look right. After a few months of staring at it, I decided the window had to be replaced with a shorter window. That should of been done from the start, and I should not have listened to the contractors. We got the window taken care of in the fall, and I was much happier.


What I didn’t think about when I was planning this room was that the cats would want to be in the higher window. I should have thought about that when I designed this space! For those that don’t have cats, you’re probably wondering what the problem was. The cats jump off the windowsill and slide their claws along the drywall. Nobody wants scratches all over their walls. I contemplated a cat ladder, but we were concerned it would stick out too far and that the cats wouldn’t actually use it. So to solve this unexpected problem, we built a cute desk for underneath the window. The cats now jump onto the desk to get to the window. Problem solved, and it cost less than $100 to make. Enough about the issues though. Here’s a closer look at the space.






Bali Cellular Shades from Home Depot | Color: Benjamin Moore Silver Mink | Magnolia Home Peacock Chair |Bazaar Luminous Ivory Indoor Rug at Home Depot | Stay & Play Sign from Magnolia Market | Armstrong StyleStix from Lowes | Curver Pouf at Container Store






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