Bathroom Before

If you missed it, Ryan and I are planning to renovate our bathroom this year. We’re hoping to start the renovation in the spring. I’ve already started the planning process, and I shared some tile options recently, click here. I look forward to sharing every aspect of this project with you all and appreciate your feedback.

Before we get too deep into the planning and selection of materials, I wanted to share some shots of the bathroom. We haven’t done much in this space since moving in. Before moving into our home, we repainted the bathroom. It was actually two shades of blue…maybe they couldn’t decide. We also removed the popcorn ceiling a couple of years ago and removed some paneling.



We’re pretty much gutting the bathroom. Although there are some aspects of this bathroom that are fine, there are others that need to be addressed and impact the items that are fine. For example, the flooring is actually decent, but we are removing the tub and vanity. We would need to add flooring if we kept it, and we have concerns regarding matching the tile. The flooring is nothing special, but I would have kept it to save money. I hope all that makes sense. Here are some additional photos.


I’m really looking forward to a slightly deeper tub. The mirror isn’t pretty, and it will be nice to have two separate mirrors. The vanity has taken quite a beating over the years. We’ll be replacing it with a white vanity more than likely. A lighter vanity will definitely keep the space light and airy.

If you’re wondering what my inspiration for this project is, you can click here. I want to keep it light, warm, and slightly coastal. I spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom every morning, and I want it to be a place both Ryan and I enjoy. Stay tuned!


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