New Bathroom Part 1

Up until recently, I wasn’t sure which next big project I wanted to tackle. We always have a million smaller projects going on, but we typically complete only one larger renovation per year. Last year we converted our garage into usable living space, Click Here for details. We are now left with both bathrooms, the kitchen, and the exterior of our home. As much as I’d like to remodel the kitchen, it’s just not in the budget right now. The same applies to the exterior, which includes: rebuilding and enclosing the deck, new siding, a new roof, landscaping, and more. After much pondering and discussion with Ryan, we are going to tackle our master bathroom this year. Super exciting!

Our master bathroom is a decent size, so we won’t be changing the footprint. We will need to complete the following: replace the tub, add additional outlets (we don’t even have an outlet near our vanity), replace the vanity, add some strategic storage, widen the bathroom door, replace the drywall, add insulation or better insulation (not sure what is behind those walls), and install more tile. I think that just about covers it. Needless to say, this is going to be a big project. There are some items we are comfortable completing ourselves, like demo and painting. Some tasks are going to require a professional, like replacing the tub/shower. I haven’t been very pleased with our local contractors, and I suspect finding quality help is going to be our biggest pain. Not looking forward to that! I am super excited about the thought of a brand new bathroom.

Since I am early into the planning stage, I thought I’d share some of my favorite bathrooms. I want to keep the bathroom bright and make it as functional as possible. As with the rest of our house, I want a hint of coastal.

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I love several elements in each of these bathrooms. I’m clearly drawn to wood and light colors. Our bathroom is currently painted White Chocolate from Benjamin Moore. I love that color, and I hope to keep it in there. In the weeks to come, I’ll share more about this upcoming bathroom remodel. If you’ve renovated your bathroom in recent years, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Stay tuned!

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