Indoor Greenery

No matter the designer or blog, I think we can all agree that indoor plants and greenery add that finishing touch to any room. Indoor plants and natural sunlight are good for the soul after all. I love flowers and houseplants, but as a mom to twelve furry friends, I have to be cautious. Plants can become a nightmare if your pet ingests the wrong one. The easiest way to avoid a trip to the vet is by decorating with artificial plants. I know they aren’t nearly as great, but the options are getting better. The other bonus is that they don’t require any watering! Before I share some of my favorite artificial plants, I want to share a website with those of you that really want real plants in your home. I frequently check this wonderful resource before bringing a new plant into any space. ASPCA offers a complete directory of toxic and non-toxic plants, click here. You can perform a custom search, filter by pet, and or view plants alphabetically. Super easy!

It can be quite a challenge finding artificial plants that look natural. I thought I would compile a short list of my favorites in hopes of saving you time and energy. Trust me, I’ve spent way too much time looking at fake plants!

1. Fejka Artificial Potted Plants | IKEA


2. Succulents & Moss | World Market


3. Faux Cream Berry Spray Branch | Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 Imports

4. Faux Ferns | Pottery Barn

Faux Potted Fern with Fiddle Heads
Pottery Barn

5. Preserved Boxwood Wreath | Target

Image result for preserved boxwood wreath
The Doors of Berry

I’ve put together many artificial floral arrangements and wreaths over the years, and I insist on using floral foam as an anchor. I prefer the wet version even if I am working with artificial stems. It’s easier to trim, and I can reuse it for a real arrangement later. I use moss, found at the craft store, to cover any noticeably bare spots. Moss is also great for lanterns. If I need to weigh a vase down, I’ll use sand or marbles depending on the location of the arrangement. Using a clear container? Add some dirt and rocks for a realistic look.

Clear Glass Lantern, 10.5 in. | Kirkland's Love this look! This could be an alternative for the wine bottles?

Plants are a great accessory to any space. Whether you need some texture or a pop a color, there’s probably a plant out there to meet your needs. For those of you looking to add some artificial plants to your home, I hope you find this post helpful. If you enjoy outdoor potting arrangements or are dreaming of spring weather, check out my #PlantLady post by clicking here.

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