Getting Organized After Christmas

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season. Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get back to normal.

It all starts with the house! I really enjoy reorganizing our home after the holidays. I personally think it’s rejuvenating! The house really feels much bigger when we take all the Christmas decorations down. I thought I would share some helpful products and tips for organizing your home after the holidays.

Container Store, my absolute favorite, has some wonderful products for storing your Christmas decorations. Whether you need to store holiday dishes or better organize your ornaments, they’ve got something for it all. One of my favorite products is the Wing-Lid Ornament Storage Box, because it fits up to 75 ornaments neatly. It’s also stackable and includes dividers. I have at least one of these for each of our trees. If you keep all of your cards like me, you need a Holiday Card Keeper. Not only are they great for storing sentimental cards, but I actually store my extra holiday cards for the next year in these keepers too. Container Store sells another version of these the rest of the year (basically the top is a different color). These containers are perfect for storing birthday cards, thank you notes, and more. I love gift wrap (like you needed reminding), and I stock up after Christmas for years to come. My favorite organizer for all things gift wrap is the Holiday Wrap & Tote Organizer. There’s enough room for tags, ribbons, wrap, bows, and more. These organizers fit under the bed too, which is great if storage space is an issue. Container Store has way more products for the holidays, but those three are my absolute favorites. They simply make storing all our holiday items easier.

CS Chest
Photo from Container Store

I thought I’d offer a few tips for storing holiday decorations. I hope you find these helpful.

  • Label everything! By labelling everything as you go, you’ll save yourself time and energy next year.
  • Think about temperature. Our attic temperature is not controlled, so I don’t store precious ornaments up there. The changing temperatures can melt, yellow, and destroy your ornaments. You want to think about stuff like that.
  • Keep a box readily available if you like to collect ornaments throughout the year.
  • Store bows in a separate box or on top of your holiday decorations. I also like to roll the streamers to help maintain their shape.

We aren’t quite done restoring order to our home, but we’ve made a ton of progress. I like to clean each room as I remove the holiday decorations. I also make a list of items I may need for each space. The list might include essential oils, new sheets, or a new accent pillow. I’m actually looking at some new pillows for our sofa, see below. There’s really nothing like walking into a freshly cleaned room. As I’m cleaning, I also take the time reorganize any closets that might need some help. For whatever reason, I just can’t keep our guest room closet neat. I’ll be cleaning that closet out this week…it might actually be time to install Elfa in that closet.

Photo from Pottery Barn

Another thing Ryan and I do is sit down together and discuss upcoming projects. We go ahead and plan out several projects. Over the next two months we are finishing his office, completing the cat room finally, and framing the rest of his art for the den. I can’t wait to share those spaces with you! I’m also hoping to finally photograph the living room for the blog. Stay tuned, because we’ve got lots to share in 2018!




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